Another young woman is tonight’s 61st murdered victim….

Georgette Rahming
Georgette Rahming

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News Homicide #61 >>>> Bahamas Press is right now live at the scene of another homicide on Palmetto Street just off Baillou Hill Road where a female has been shot dead.

We have identified tonight’s murdered victim to be Georgette Rahming.

We understand shortly after 11:30m three shots were heard in the area, and before police arrived the victim was found dead; suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body.

Sources on the ground tell us the young woman was sitting on her front porch when a dark male, dressed in dark clothing with a scarf covering his mouth, came from the western side of her home firing shorts in the victim’s direction.

Georgette ran from the porch into the front room of the home. There she collapsed onto the floor and was pronounced dead. She was shot to the head. Blood drained from the victim leaving a lasting impression to onlookers. What a scene. What a night. What a day this was for crime detectives. What a day this was for three  families left mourning their love ones.

We need healing in the land!

We don’t have a motive as yet for the killing but one must wonder – WHERE IN THE HELL ARE WE HEADED WITH ALL THESE VIOLENT MURDERS IN THE STREETS JUST HOURS APART? The cold killers are walking up and down!

We report yinner decide!