Youths in Parliament better than Ingraham & Christie



Their is still a flicker of light in a dark, Dark Tunnel called Parliament. Yesterday there was youths debating in the House of Assembly, and guess what, it was better than the real thing! The Bahamas must be proud of the young people House and MP for Bimini Destiny and House Speaker Felix are seen here in this photo.

Ingraham and Christie should learn from the debate yesterday. It was with little argument and wild talk. as wee see it the HOUSE members (the real ones) do not behave like children, because not even the children behave that way.




  1. Joe Blow that’s another think generelcrazy talking about room, he dont even know our marital status. general is cause trouble.

    generalcrazy I really dont appreciate that.

  2. Drama don’t join Generalcrazy in his madness. I don’t know what the general thinks of me. How dare he suggest I get a room with someone because I agree with them? I don’t know how he is reason; we have to watch him closely if this is how he thinks. I had to laugh though when I read it over after general made his comment, it did sounded like a little romance novel for real. The truth is I was just happy to see that both Joe Blow and I understood what Who and his/her peers were going through, nothing more and nothing less. Therefore there is no need for any hassle the corner table, the candlelight and the single rose would not be necessary (lol).

  3. G.C. & D.K. My significant other says she thinks Kim is quite a nice person who really wouldn’t be interested in a old turkey like me. Besides I ain’t in that business no more!

  4. General Crazy, I too, was wondering what the deal was with Joe Blow and Kim. Whereas I wouldnt quite offer them a room YET, I would offer them a a corner table with a candle and single rose on it. LOL.

  5. @joe, this is basically all the above article said:

    “Yesterday there was youths debating in the House of Assembly”

    Now, that cud mean anything, there is really nothing to talk about with that, and for all we know those youths could be 25 years old or what ever.

    But that foto, thats a talker 😀

  6. …LOL…Generalcrazy this time I mean it, “You are so crazy!” I don’t know what is wrong you. You just can’t behave. You know right now Who would not be interested in your army; you better look at some other recruits (lol).

    Generalcrazy I could see you don’t require much to sleep with someone, you think Joe Blow and I should get a room because we agreed on something, I am sorry general crazy, but your girl Kim is not an easy lay. I would even believe you would consider giving your girl up because of that, your head really isn’t no good (lol).

  7. Joe Blow you are alright. In the past we have disagreed on several topics, I am glad we were able to see eye to eye on this topic. I know that in the future we will have agreement and disagreement again and look forward to hearing your outlook on the various topics as BP presents them.

  8. err. kim and joe, sound like yall 2 need to get a room. and those “kids” need to join the army and loose some weight. BOL!!

  9. Kim: I love you for your reflections and your ability to analyze a situation and come to
    an appropriate conclusion. It takes a “big” person to be able to do so. Your sense of humour is delicious too. Thank you for understanding where I am coming from.

  10. Joe Blow you have been fair in your comments, thank you for speaking honestly from your heart. I could sense you actually mean what you are saying and I appreciate that. You are correct these were children that we were dealing with. They were kids who are going through a transitional period into adult hood. At the moment, they are still vulnerable. BP was kind to recognize these children efforts; we should have been more encouraging to these children. There is no excuse for the comments that was made. Who was smart enough to point out this injustice that was done to her and her peers and I pray that one day, they will be able to get over our poor judgment and forgive us.

  11. Kim: No one is faulting you specifically. You were one of the first who commended the youngsters for their efforts and then quite rightly pointed out the seriousness of being overweight. My comments go much deeper. If we carelessly make inappropriate remarks at inappropriate times we alienate the very people we may need in the future. I concur with your observation that children today are given too much while too little is demanded of them. We learn as children through the examples that are set by the adults in our life. If children in general are not performing as they should then obviously we as adults are to blame. So let’s be kind to one another and think before we open our mouth especially around children. Teenagers are very sensitive and cannot as a general rule push aside what is said as we adults can.And so their self-esteem suffers. Then they act out inappropriately.

  12. WHO apologized and thats good. I accept it but I dont accept her/his claim that the OLDER COUSIN wrote the curse words. COME ON !! We might be old but we aint crazy.

  13. Joe Blow you are not helping the situation, all you seek to do is rub salt into the wound. I admit we made a mistake as adults, I have apologized repeatedly for my role in this situation and I have also forgiving who for his/her errors. Who can not forgive us for talking about their weight? To me the problem is obliviously much deeper than the comments that were made; I think it is a self esteem issue. Who is not a 10 yr old; I believe who said she/he was 16. In few months these children will enter society, if they can handle a little criticism? What will they be able to handle? Joe Blow you are not helping Who and her peers by babying them up, these are young adults. Instead of coming on here to point fingers, you should talk about how important it is for both young and old to learn this quality. That is the problem with our society today; people do not know how to forgive. That why people are killing one another. Do not use this experience to attack bloggers who made a mistake. Listening to you, I am sure you made many mistakes in your past. Maybe far worst than this. In fact I think you are making a mistake right now, with your comment.

  14. We had a chance to be a positive influence on a few young people and we blew it. We started it all when we chose to comment on a negative instead of the positives that were so obvious. As adults we must all be aware of how literal children take what we say. One could have started out by observing what a good job the youngsters did and how proud we were of them and their conduct in the house. Then, if it was needed, we could have made the observation about the weight of young people in general and how detrimental that can be to all people. As it is we alienated not only WHO but those of his peers who then joined him on the site. Shame on we who should know better!

  15. Generalcrazy you brought up a valid point. when I was that age myself I was working and I had respect for my elders, I guess because my family never used to play with me. My mother was a woman who did not believed in raising no rude children. She gives all the family members, church members, teachers and neighbors the rights to beat us, if we did something wrong. Generalcrazy, I can’t lie, I used to be so scare to do anything wrong, because I felt like one of them was waiting on the opportunity to beat me, so I behave myself. It was not until I got an adult, that I became a little mischievous, but I was in my own house. Generalcrazy, I must agree we does baby these grown children who are nearly adults too much. These children attitude would have been more acceptable if they were just in 13 yrs. olds, but these are young adults that are leaving school in a matter of months. They don’t seem to have any reasoning skills. Lord help us! If these our future leaders that are leaving our school premises to enter our society.

  16. Children? Dey aint look like no children in dem photos. And wen i was 15 i was out working, living in my own appt and payin rent. Bahamians are babied too much.

  17. generalcrazy I know your head aint no good right, but these children are hurting by our comments. Maybe, children in school was already teasing them about their sizes, things like this can damage a child self esteem. General how do you feel about this?

  18. well dey deleted my posts so i ain ga say no more, but boo hoo. dey fat. das da facked. end of story.

    psst. dis post will probably self destrucked to.

  19. Who I know that forgiveness doesn’t come quick for everybody. Some people take a little longer than others to forgive. I realize it is a healing process and I hope one day, you can forgive us adults for being so insensitive to your feelings. Continue to strive to do good things!

  20. who you are not dissappointing me, we had a debate you said what you thought of us and I saw where u were coming from, I might be slow, but I understand somethings.

  21. Who glad that you have apologizes for your action and I forgive you. It is sad that you will not be back, but that is a decision only you can make. The Bible did talk about encouraging one another, but it also talked about forgiveness. You are never too old or too young to forgive to possess this fine quality. I have apologized to you and I am willing to put all of this being me and move on, because that is what forgiveness is all about. Forgiveness is the key to letting go of the past and embracing a brighter future.

  22. If you looked at my last comment i did apologize and for the record the curse word was not written by me it was written by my older cousin but the rest was me!! I have a thick skin but i would have thought that you as ” adluts” would known better than to pick on innocent children on their weight as if you were so skinny!!!! We learn in school depite age differences you know that your fellow school mates who may be younger than you should be treated with respect and allows encourage them just to prepare them for the outside world…. your comments in no way was a sort of encouragement and on behalf of my fellow youths if this is a typical adult? SAD!! The bible tells you to encourage each other because you never no what someone may be going threw an would you say could have a dramatic effect on them. Now i’m done and i have nothing left to say but i feel let down! sorry joe blow but i’m threw visiting this site.

  23. These two men looks to me like two good friends, I don’t blame these men.
    Ingraham take care of Christie! And Christie look out for Ingraham! Because you’ll know how Bahamian go…
    ..The only thing these Bahamian loyal to is “da Peas “an” Rice.”

  24. WHO, because of your youth, I will forgive you. I am a grown man and I can understand you are just not at a mature level to deal with criticism. Understand this, though…you are aspiring to be a future leader….there is no way you could have been in the HOA and start cussing because someone said something bad to you.

    To be a Member of the HOA you must have thick skin. I have heard the honorable gentlemen call each other rapists, drunks, thieves and even talk about each others’ mothers. I have never heard them getting in such a bad temper about it that they end up cussing etc. Things get heated in the HOA but not insane.

    Learn to control yourself ! The youth already have a bad enough name out there in our society. Dont give people something else to talk about.

  25. Who needs to work on more than just a potty mouth. Who has also has an attitude and anger problem. She needs to learn how to be forgive others for their errors. Who needs to learn how to deal with criticism.

  26. Bloggers Iam not agreeing that “WHO’s” actions is acceptable, but lets try and console this youth and enlihgtened he/she that its not apporiate to kick up a tangum. When refuting or rebutting an argument we must not results to degrading names or tateless words. Lets leave that to the PLP ADMINISTRATOR

  27. Who might be hurt that her/her weight was mentioned but its NO excuse for obscene language and kicking a tantrum with adult bloggers.

    This is what our country has come to in terms of WHO. I am sure all those watching the HOA that day wouldnt dream that such a potty mouth person was sitting there all innocent.

    Remember this WHO, once you step in public domain you are up for criticism of all sorts. Broaden your shoulders, be more mature and please discipline yourself whereas your language is concerned.

  28. Who: You know that I much admire the teachers who helped with the H.O.A. project and the students who participated. Perhaps you could take a few moments to let us know just how you prepared for this and how you feel you benefitted. Suggestion for you: It is important that we project ourself in such a way that by our actions, words and deeds we are seen as always putting our “best foot” forward. That is why when we speak we try to do so in reasonably good english. When we dress for a job interview we study what would be appropriate to wear for the occasion and when we commit to putting down the written word, we try to form cohesive sentences ,with good grammar and correct spelling. Even though this is a blog, we must read over what we write, use a dictionary to correct our spelling mistakes and edit what we say to make certain it can be comprehended by our fellow bloggers. I make many mistakes myself but I never send any message without rereading it and editing. Please, be sure to continue your comments on subjects raised on this site. It is good for us (adults) to hear ideas and thoughts from youngsters . It is also important for you to hear what adults are thinking. We can grow together. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

  29. I do agree with “WHO” in when the youth said that it was offensive when bloggers had only pointed out the negative. But a little of advice “WHO” there was no point in your actions to result in a obscene manner. Iam quit sure that you have being watching the The United Stated Presidential Debate with the Obama and John. And it was shown threw the last presidential debate Obama had smile on his face threw the whole duration of the debate. Even despite when his oppoinent had slaunder his name and made some erroneous facts. But Obama just smiled. And “WHO” thats what you need to do. Just respond effectively with your disagreement, but don’t be disrespectful. Yes many of these bloggers wouldn’t have the courage to do what you and you fellow friends did. But I think that respect should be conveyed. There is no need to stoop down to anyones level when they responed in a negative manner. Refute by letting the bloggers know that they should be surporting you and be encouraging also. THATS MY FIVE CENTS!!!

  30. Who, you are seriously sick!
    Rather than repeating the words, you should have just apologized!

    You are talking about looking at the good from you young folks and not the bad, well, not to blow your bouble but on judgement day how you deal with your WRONGS will determine where you go!

    You can do 99% good and 1% wrong and you will not enter Heaven!

    I thought that folks were wrong to make jokes about fat some of you were but if you had any sort of home training you would never have made such an outrageous outburst!

    And don’t get smart with those words.. I guess you would have no problem if you say something to a 5 year old child and they attack you with those words that you seem not to have a problem with…

  31. Generalcrazy I know your head is swing, but dont get crazy with Who. I understand why you hot. I feel like beaing who myself. but these rude children, when they dont listen to adults, they does learn the hard way.

  32. Joe Blow I understand what you are trying to say and I agree to an extent, but you must not only focus on the negative dialogue between me and who. I agree while who remained disrespectful, I continued to be encouraging and kind because I understand Who was hurting by the comments made. I was trying to see through the eyes of this child. We are dealing with children not adults. We can not afford to discourage or damage to these children self esteems, by any means. I was hoping Who would see the positive side and apologize for her/his actions. I apologized, because I understand where Who is coming from. When look at the whole picture Who has yet to show any remorse for her/his actions. This is sad, because this child does not have any respect for adults and I can only imagine the problems this child causes their parents. When it comes to parenting, I know just what to do, I have never giving birth to any children, but I have raised a child from the age 6 to age 13 and trust me he have manners for people and he brings home a good report card, with good reports because he knows I don’t play.

  33. and you call yourselves “adults” and you tell i child not to cry on your shoulder your not my father little did you know i may have been lack of a father and you just bluntly showed your concern you sir is really what is wrong with this country today!!! now u really deserve to be called what i called you thats being immature,but let me be the bigger person here i apogize for calling you what i called you but everything else remains the same because you comment i’m sure to many proved it was true so thank for helping me prove my point i bid you goodnight!

  34. Thank you very much Mr. Joe Blow that is all i was simply trying to show generalcrazy an the rest of them. you focus to much on the bad and sir if i may add i will never chose your shoulder to cry on because from my whole outlook of you it would be too “disrespectful” to say!!! I am sure you would have never been able to do what i did when you were my age and now you are a big gray man and sit there to critise us she may be a walking time bomb but if you heard her speech you would know she holds more knowledge than you apparently despite her wieght problem and if you are a parent she represented on your behalf and this is the thanks she gets!!! again i cry shame on you … Wieght is an easy thing to lose but ignorance will always follow you!

  35. I am appalled at the attitude of some of the supposed adults who have participated in the above written dialogue. While the young person showed disrespect in his answer, it was mostly because some of you chose to negate the good of the project to focus on the weight of the participants. This was certainly not an appropriate response to the headline of the article. There is no caution on this blog that says one must be over 18 to opine. With that in mind we adults must have some caution as to how we address and answer our fellow bloggers. Children learn by emulating good and bad examples of the adults they associate with. You owe this youngster an apology!

  36. The parents probably are to blame though, i imagine they are also extremely overweight and have probably stuffed they kids with food. Less conch snack and less chicken snack, no more KFC, no more macaroni cheese and ting, eat sandwiches and normal meals, eat more smaller meals, lots of protien. And start some light jogging.

  37. in other words if you are big and fat you wont be taken seriously. dont cry on my shulder though, im not your daddy.

  38. iffen who is a child, then they should not be on this web site. Im a crAzy general, not a baby sitter. I tell it like it is. The 2 in that photo are extremely FAT. Its not that they arent nice peoples, but Bahamians need to get it out of their heads that being that FAT is normal. Im by no way skinny myself, but by the grace of god Im not that fat, and yet I still have health problems associated with being over weight.

    Lets face it, eating what most Bahamians eat, is going to keep them at those kind of weights. Sorry but im tired of watching Bahamians eat deyself to death, and then some so called man come along and say crap like oh thats just solid, she get booty, she sexy, etc. Look, she is a walking time bomb.

    By getting so over weight it is a sign of a lack of control, lack of discipline, and one will ultimately be judged by that – forget what everyone else has told you, LOOKS DO MATTER – but guess what, loosing that weight is very very easy.

  39. And Wow, just to add to your comments, One day he is in parliament supposedly advising the govt on how to deal with the law breakers and the next day he is here breaking the rules himself using fowl language..

    We don’t need another two-faced politician in parliament, we have got enough of them now!!!

  40. Who, what is going on with you..Did your parents never tell you to have respect for your elders!!

    You have no idea how old these persons are on this site. They are not your company…

    I thought that you would have at least apologized
    for using that nasty language.

  41. Who, I don’t know what your goal was when you decided to post here, but if it was to defend the image of your fellow youth who participated in the Youth Parliament exercise, I am afraid you did quite the opposite.

    Those who commented just spoke on the physical appearance of some of the participants which is a health issue that affects the country as a whole. Granted you are right that they should be encouraged for the efforts and positive example considering the the troubles and challenges our youth are facing today, you certainly must admit that you went about it in an inappropriate manner that only highlights what is wrong with today’s youth.

  42. it seems as if i am the adult insane jane and you are the child because if tyou understood the meaning of a “tantrum” you would know more comments where showing nothing of the sort i was like i sair strongly expressing my view on the comments as to many people to on this blog!!!

  43. I hope while you were anylazing my bahaviour you took a look at yours as well!!!
    Insane Jane you are trully insane we worked hard and you look at our fautls an then you tell me i am not mature for you to sit there and critise yound people “children” for that matter on their wieght instead of commending them on a job well done that mam in no way shows maturity to my as a so called “adult” i would pray that you never greet thoses honarable halls and as you can see i already have!

  44. Who, when I really thought about your behavior I was sad, if most of the young people are displaying this type of attitude, the future hope for this country, really appears to be hopeless.

  45. WHO you are showing all of us your extreme juvenile immaturity and I hope I NEVER see you gracing the halls of our House of Assembly in the fuure. Where are your parents while you are ranting and having a tantrum on this blog”

    Grow up!!

  46. oh i know better and would never use mbeing a child as an excuse because i know i do not act like one but extract my ranks it is of no importance because right now i am showing me from a childs point of view that was just something for wow

  47. Who you have ranks aye? That is sad for children to be thinking that they could get away with anythings, because of who they know. That is not a good sign of things improving in our society.

    Who do not use being a child as an excuse, if you know you are doing wrong now, this is time for you to adjust your thinking and your actions. It is a differnces, if you dont know any better.

  48. And WOW do not concern yourself with the reason why i am stll on this website dispite my attack on gerneralcrazy i am of a higher rank than he is obviously you are unaware of who’s child i am so just sit back and relax and enjoy our debates…

  49. Thank you and maybe later on in the future it might get better because now i am only 16 but my use of insulting who ever you think i may have insulted was used to demonstrate to them the way we felt because it was quiet unsulting to us to use our wieght against us.

  50. YES am a child how else to you expect me to respond… before you crtise be mindful of certain things u say we are children and only our best we can put fourth.
    I surly do know how to learn from my expierences an maybe you will learn from yours. You along with “general” should know that the people you critise from my expierence of getting to know them is an intelligent group of people who look forward to be being future politicians..
    One said that there is a time and season for everything! you would not wear a bathing suit in the snow or business suit at the beach. This was not the time to discuss our faults maybe later on in time but for now try to encourage us in what we are pursuing! My eyes are filled with tears to know that you yourself along with “general” would try to bring us down about our wieght when there are so many other things to talk about. there are children having children and rape and murder going on and that is the best you have to offer!!!
    my attack on general to me diserves no apology but i think he should apologize to us for his comment and then i will consider apologizing for what i said.

  51. Who I have to give it to you though, you are a very good debater and I like the way you stand up for what you believe in. The only thing I disagree with is the way; you felt you had to insult us to get your point across.

  52. Who I could clearly understand your frustration, I could imagine being a student who did my very best to put together such an excellent presentation and then to have people criticizing your appearances, if I was your ages I might of been upset too. Who, as you get older you will learn not to yourself so seriously. People will always have things to say, some will be negative and some will be positive. What I realize that sometime negative comments can be the most helpful, it can help us to focus on areas that we needs to improve in. Do not be discourage, try to learn something positive from these experiences, it can only make you stronger. You were wrong to insult people the way you did. If I have offended you or discourage you in anyway, I am sorry. Please try to remain focus and don’t allow people negative opinions of you determine who you are personally.

  53. Kim my carring on a conversation with you makes no sense to me because you have no knowledge nor understanding, and i can understant that..
    There is no anger in me since you are a little bit on the slow side i am just strongly showing my opinon on your comment. You may have commended us but your mean focus was our wieght issues.. the whole point is that you sat in the front of your television along with “general”, and all you noticed was our negatives, so how can i focus on the positve side of your comment when it is out wieghted by negativity??? Kim you yourself needs help!!!

  54. Who if you read what I said earlier you would see where I said the youth in Parliament they an excellent job and we ought to comment them. Diabetes rate have increased amount the youths. You have too many youths developing all kind of illnesses, because of being overweight. You are our future leaders and want you to be healthy. I am happy to know you have supportive parents, but there seems to be a lot of anger inside. If you don’t seek help the problem will get worse. Please try to see the positive side to our comments. Dont just focus on the negative.

  55. Kim if i may say i am a very happy child my parents and so foruth could never make my happier my needs have always been meet! But it is ignorant people like you who claim to be “adults” that bring anger to my soul!! you seriouslly sit there and tell me that i need help but yet you have seen a intelligent debate brought fourth by intelligent youths such as myself and your response is that we are Fat!!!! It is you kim that i suggest requires help because this is simply ubelieveable.. you are in no way a good citizen because i am sure if it had been your child or a family member of yours that stood there and little bit on the heavy side am sure that you would not be to pleased with these comments yourself… if so, you simply do not have a heart at all!!! And since you thought of so many health words the words ignorance, foolish, and down right stupid comes to mind!!

  56. Who if you are a child you need some help desperately. You sound like a very angry individual, we would not want you to leave school with all this anger built up inside you; our country already have too many social ills. People who just want to destroy, because they believe the world is out to get them. Who, I sense something is definitely wrong, please talk with your parents, pastor and guidance counselors. Please get some help.

  57. Kim can you not read and you dear to critise us!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did say that i am a participant of that youth parliament i am a child are you understanding now since i have to break it down for you

  58. look at all the MP’Sof their wieght is a result of their good living your skinny because of poverty don’t be jealous it wears an ugly head

  59. Who I feel pity for you, if you are an adult and you can not express your disapproval about the comments made better than that, it’s a shame. I hope these kids are not looking up to you as a role model that would mean the future for our country is doomed.

  60. i have no class? you kim are the one with no class u sit at you c.p.u instead of making things happen for us youths to keep us off the streets, and the minutes we try to do better u critise!!! I CRY SHAME on all of you!!!! I am not justfiying my comment as you can see i i did say i DO NOT apologize for my comment!!!!!!!!

  61. excuse my mispellings and misplaced sentences it a biit of anger i was letting out an typed to fast.

  62. Who that is even worst, I could of understand if you were a parent of one of those kids because I know how some of these parents go, you can tell them nothing about their kids. There is no justifield reason for your attack, you are just a simple person with no class.

  63. To all of you i am not a parent of these particpants but i am a participant myself!!! yes it is constructive critism, BUT my whole outlook of your comment “general” was very offensive we worked hard and represented well on behalf of all our fellow youths and all you have to say is that we are FAT!! I in no way apologize for my comment but i stand firm on it.take a gander at Mr Ingraham along with other MP’s their wieght is not to pleasing but it is what they posess in their heads that matter. We stood there with pride and shook off our nerves to represent well and that is all you have to say i am sure none of you would have had the balls we had to do what we did and you stand there and critise and you think that makes us fell but then again you are the typical Bahamian “ungrateful” uplift youe youths instead of bringing us downtrying to hurt our feeling although i for am not offended because i know exactlly what i am capable of and things have done and where i am going you an your children because of your ignorance will never be able to achieve!!!!!!!!

  64. But what?? If you are a participant that is EVEN WORSE !!! How could you be so young with such a potty mouth…cussing people out on this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself !! If this is what we have to choose from as future leaders then expect NO DIFFERENT behaviour in the House of Assembly in years to come. They might take it to a new level and be cussing each other and toting gun in that honorable place.

  65. to all of you i am not a parent of any of these participants but i am a paticipant myself and yes it constructive critism but

  66. Kim,

    I think BP needs to put WHO in check. He or she cant come on this site and cuss out people at will and expect to get away with it.

    He or she probably stirring that big pot of peas and rice now for that youngster to devour.

  67. Who if are the parent of one of these kids, you are definitely not setting any good example for them. I could understand you might of being happy to see your child in the HOA conducting themselves in a fine manner and you might not agreed with the comments made about them. That gives you no rights to insult the good general and the rest of us who commented on these children sizes, your actions were uncivilized, unjustified and very stupid. You really should consider some anger management classes.

  68. Media, you threaten to ban Generalcrazy before but you let who get away with that attack on him?

  69. Who I agree with you many of them MPs are overweight for true, that’s all them good meals they normally enjoys. Don’t get mad with the good general and myself for our observations. It just that we think these kids could make great future leaders, which is why we are concerned about their health. Sometimes, what have appeared to be negative criticism can be helpful in the long run? Now that these children weight issues have been pointed out, maybe the parents can start working proactively in helping these children reach a healthy weight. These are our future leaders; they have demonstrated their ability to take the lead. By no mean we want to say anything that will hinder these children or damage their self esteems in anyway. Please take what was said and see it in a positive light. Let’s develop healthy future leaders!

  70. Agreed, Joe Blow, the program is a good one. Parliament, however, would be empty if it depended on the MPs to undergo your suggested courses…LOL….

  71. Kudos to the persons who promoted this program. And congratulations to the young people who studied the issues and so eloquently took part. Our voted in Parliamentarians should have to view this once a month so they can have some idea of how matters in the House should be conducted. Suggestion: No person should be allowed to stand for office until he/she has attended a specific number of classes and passed with honours: courses specifically designed for M.P’s. These course should include Ethics, Roberts Rules of Order, The Constitution, Anger Management, Accounting, Business practices, and Psychology courses dealing with interpersonal relationships. No doubt there should be some others also. They must also learn good debating techniques. I get so bored when they are supposed to be debating a bill and all they do is go on about what could have, should have happened in the past. Young people, keep up the good work!

  72. General Crazy…please ALLOW ME to handle this one on your behalf. Just relax.

    First of all WHO, you must be the parent of one of these children or else you wouldnt be so OFFENDED by General Crazy’s remark. Instead of being so offended you should think about the SERIOUSNESS of what he said and put your daughter or son on a balanced diet. What good are you as a future leader if you DONT MAKE IT to the future because of OBESITY which can lead to a myriad of health issues.

    FURTHERMORE we dont call each other OBSCENE names on this site. As you can see those with abusive tongues are ORDERED OFF by the editor.

    LEARN to be man or woman enough to receive constructive criticm !!!

  73. what does wieght have to do with the way the spoke or anything many MP’s themselves are a little over wieght the real issue is our while they represnted themselve and not only the their contiuency on stupid people such as you generalcrazy and so on will notice such negativity stop promoting our downfalls and commend our future leaders!!!
    stupid i hate stupid people! you made no sense so unless u have something good to say asshole say nothing at all

  74. @Kim, not just diabetes, even things that may seem simple like hernias, though they can be deadly too, and ofcourse the pressure that is placed on the heart, back, and basically a whole slew of problems that come along with being so over weight.

  75. ….LOL……generalcrazy your head really isn’t no good! You aint lie though, they little too much on the heavy side for real. They really need to get their weight under control, I thinking about diabetes. Physical Education is still part of the school curriculum? When I was in school that used to keep me fit, they must be change the program.

    Anyway, the students should be commented for way they have conducted in such an intelligent manner. They need to let the PM and MPs watch these kids in action, so they could learn a thing or two about professional conduct. Then maybe when they get in the HOA again, they would not act like they in a nursery.

  76. well some of them may unfortunately not stay around long enough to make change if they dont stop eating chicken snack , peas and rice and macaroni cheese. dey really fat.

  77. Wow ! is making the most sense about the article in the Tribune. It was a calculated and mischievous ploy on their behalf to get lips moving with false accusation, now as you can see it is definitely working. People needs to get the facts before making any suggestion as to who it might be!!!!!!!!

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