Like a dead horse cars sit on the lot, as GAS goes UP!



Like sitting ducks, car dealers around the country are feeling the pinch. Loans are difficult, cash is hard to come around and workers all over the country are losing their jobs. What makes the struggles worse? Gas prices which just months before (JULY)  had climbed to over $145 per barrel on the world market.  At that high peek, gas prices was $5.94 per gallon in Nassau.

But today the price of oil on the world market is now $74 per barrel, half the cost it was in July. But gas at the pump in Nassau is still climbing, now at $5.32 cents at some gas stations.

Now here the truth, Hubert Ingraham had realized he cannot collect the taxes from the lightbill anymore. Therefore he has kept the taxes on the car gas. This is amazing! So to answer your question out there, why has gas prices at the pump still over the $5? BLAME THE GOVERNMENT, WHO IS AGAIN DEEP IN YOUR POCKET COLLECTING YOUR MONEY!


  1. I must have missed something. Did Minister Neymour allude to the wholesalers of gas in the Bahamas buying gas from South America (Hugo Chavez?) So why was the price going up compared to the US prices from the beginning. Leslie Miller was right, someone has to put a stop to the gouging by the wholesale gas merchants. They are the only winners and culprits in this whole thing and must be dealt with accordingly.

  2. Drama King: We have a right to expect a lot from the persons we vote into office. However we must begin to understand that we have to expect to be responsible in return. Election promises are pie-in- the- sky promises and anyone who takes them at their face value had better have a reality check. I do not oppose a tax on income,myself. Perhaps next election we should have the candidates debate each other on the issues and if anyone starts with their promises we will have then explain just how they will be implemented and from whence the finances will come. The country has come a long way and has a long way yet to go and it will take you and I and all voters to demand accountability from those who are lucky enough to get our votes.

  3. YES I AM !! Bring it on and lets move to a FIRST WORLD status !!! At least Income Tax isnt sneaky its straight up!!!

    People VOTE IN governments so that they can work for them, Joe Blow !! Do you expect the people to sit by and not WANT anything from their government?? Think about all those promises prior to election.

  4. Income tax is the way the go. not the current taxation system we have now where the richest of rich pays the same taxes(customs duties) as the poorest or poors.

    if you make more (profits) from a society it is only right you give back more.

  5. Free health care, low cost housing, free education, loans for post secondary education, social services for the poor, good roads to travel on, adequate garbage removal, a better justice system, more hospitals and clinics and the list goes on. We want, we want, we want! The government of any day must have money to provide these things. Are you willing to have your income taxed to get more and better service?

  6. This gas price drop is just another example of how the Government dazzles us with B.S. It is touted to be the biggest price drop and will probably be around about forty cents taking us down to $5 a gallon. $5 is still TOO MUCH to pay for a gallon of gas considering oil is under $70 a barrel, the
    lowest level in years.

  7. It is AMAZING HOW THINGS CHANGE, and are changing with Bahamas Press.

    We got a call today from one of our stiffest critics. The individual said, “MAN YALL NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GAS, INVESTIGATE THAT AND GET THAT OUT THERE.”

    Now, Bahamas Press was often told by that same individual to, “STOP THIS WRITING. Yall hurting the country.” But today was a different tone. One day at a time, we are SLOWLY taking over!

    BP/ Editor

  8. Yep, they’ll find a way to get it back from us to do what they had planned to use it for. All govts. do!!

    On ZNS news they said that gas will see its BIGGEST drop in price in many years in about a week or two..

  9. The government will not lose; they will find other ways and mains to make us pay. They have reduced the electricity bill, now they just add the taxes on to gasoline, grocery and customs. This way you would not see it directly.

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