Scores of illegals were captured at the Straw Market



The world famous Straw Market was raided early this week by immigration officers. Immigration officials say they are now going after the employers of illegal persons. Well if guest who visit the market are foreigners and the items sold are foreign, perhaps the time is now for illegals to operate in the market and Bahamians stand on the sidelines. (Now we are kidding here).



  1. I saw a newspaper article today where, just as I thought, many illegals were able to escape this raid. The market was not surrounding by cops so they took off at the first site of the Immigration Officers. I KNEW it had to be more than 20 illegals in that market.

  2. Wow, I am totally with you. Before a straw market is built, the government should make sure AUTHENTICALLY BAHAMIAN things are sold in it like days of old. THAT is what attracted people the world over to come to it.

  3. Opps, sorry Kim. That is what happens when you visit BP on a Blackberry, everything is jammed together on the small screen, lol.

    On the topic of the Straw Market, I am all for a new state of the art straw market BUT not one filled with foreigners, bootleg goods, and made in China souvenirs. I can understand a small number of goods being imported such as hats, T-shirts, etc, but why are there not more Bahamian made crafts sold in there? Every week on the news we see graduates of BTVI’s various craft courses, these are the type of goods we need in the market. I know tourist would not mind paying for a hand made conch shell jewelery, for example, that can only be found in the Bahamas and not some some trinket that they can easily buy at the Dollar Shop back home.

  4. Kim I will join you in your protest but it is even worse than you are saying. Gas actually went UP at Esso and I think Shell as well last week. Strangly though, diesel has been steadily dropping!

  5. BP. I know this is off subject but have you noticed that gas prices have remained the same for quite some time now? It’s been three months now since oil prices peaked and yet we are still paying an average of 5.32 at the pumps, something is wrong here….Is the government in the business of making money? BP. i think you should investigate this because your stories get results.

  6. Has the government no shame? My God! Look at that shabby looking tent, they call a straw market When will they do something about this situation? How much more time do they need to find somewhere to put these vendors. I can not blame those vendors for fighting amongst themselves, if I had to work under there; I probably would of being fighting too. I wander what is going through these tourist minds about this tent. You think outside looks bad, you need to see how tight inside is.

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