ZNS has lost control of its servers – and hackers want a ransom!

General Manager Mike Smith [right] and team at BCB.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is getting more information into our breaking report this evening, which confirmed that ZNS was experiencing serious technical problems and it appears that no one in the corporation knew what going on.

“Our servers have been hacked,” Chairman of the BCB Mr. Mike Smith said, “and we’ve brought in the police and IT advisors and other people to seek to assist us but we have a very serious problem where people are seeking to get a ransom.”

The Chairman added, “All the servers are down, so everything you do with a computer, you cannot do. We have some real veterans here so everything is being done pretty much manually as much as we could.

 “We have a lot of people advising us as to how we should move forward,” he added.

ZNS aired a half-hour Northern station newscast at 6.30pm on Monday.

There is still no idea for how long the national broadcaster would be offline. This is a national security risk and we ga ask this again: WHERE IS THE POLICE AND ITS CYBER CRIME UNIT WHEN YA NEED DEM?

We report yinner decide!