‘Kung Fu Panda PS’ sent home on leave following a police matter

Kung Fu Panda PS

Nassau – A Permanent Secretary in the Government better known as “The Kung Fu Panda PS” has been sent home on leave by the government following advisement from the Attorney General’s Office for violent, forceful, crazy behaviours.

“Kung Fu Panda PS”, we understand, had much of her staff shaking in the government department, not knowing when they would be delivered a broken hand, foot or, in this most recent case, fingers for not following instructions.

BP understands a violent incident evolved between a senior official and “Kung Fu Panda PS” after it was suspected that the official was recording during a key management meeting. In response, it is understood “Kung Fu Panda PS” – who is also approaching retirement – moved swiftly in a Bruce Lee / Jet Li snatch-and-grab attack for the official’s phone – out of the officer’s hand – but eventually ended up breaking and dislocating fingers, sending the official home for weeks to recover.

At last check by BP, the official was still recuperating from injuries, suffering serious and dangerous finger sprains and dislocations, according to medical reports shown to our news team. The matter is said to have been reported to the police and, as a result, we understand that the “Kung Fu Panda PS” was placed on leave – and is right now still on Administrative Leave until further notice. We don’t know what happened to the investigation or if the incident has been dealt with in the local magistrate court.

Meanwhile, great fear and trembling is still hanging over the Ministry and almost no one would dare whisper a commentary on the incident, including the injured, who spent weeks and weeks recovering from the violent, forceful and near deadly attack by the “Kung Fu Panda PS”.

Why has this incident been dragged under the rug of silence and concealment? Was the “Kung Fu Panda PS” ever charged for the assault? And, if yes, what was the punishment for such reprehensible, reproachable and unchristian behavior?

We ga report and let yinner decide!