AG office getting ready to draft extradition request for Madison Pugh


mom-daughter<<<Anna Garrison (l) and Madison Pugh (r).

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press has learned that an extradition request is being drafted by the Attorney General office in the capital to return Madison Pugh back to The Bahamas. Madison is the second suspect wanted by Bahamian police in the death of her mother Anna Michelle Garrison, 33.

Garrison’s remains were discovered on July 4th on a Fox Hill road  wrapped in a plastic bag and covered in a bed sheet. Since her discovery police  arraigned Zyndall McKinney ,22, in the death of Garrison, and requested the assistance of the FBI and the US Embassy in search for Madison, the girlfriend of McKinney and daughter of Garrison.

Bahamas Press with sources deep in Pennsylvania alerted officials that young Madison was living with her father, Chris Pugh, in his Kennett Square apartment. Our breaking story caused officers to travel on last week Thursday to the area to question their second suspect.

Police returning from the US told reporters that a process must now be done in order to get Madison back here to Nassau. “She is a suspect in the matter and there is a process we must go through to get her back in The Bahamas and we are working on that,” ACP Raymond Gibson said.

Why would a young girl hear her mother is discovered dead, hear her boyfriend is arrested and not return to Nassau to prepare her mother for burial is just beyond us.


  1. The same time they are making preparation to have Madison returned to the Bahamas, I hope they don’t forget Birbal have not been returned back to the country as yet. If you see Madison reaches back here before Andre that should tell you all something about our government. That would mean, they don’t see what happened to those boys at EMRH as anything serious. Everyday, you should see me watching the news, trying to see if this will be the day they would bring Birbal back to answer to his wicked crimes against young boys.

  2. on aug 7 the us government appointed lawyers took 15 minutes to decide to send my 16yo daughter to a womens holdig facility in virginia from their she will be sent to the bahamas where she will go to trial so i would like to thank our government (united states) for leading my daughter to the lions den to see what they(united states)did makes me sick and to all you so called realitives who are posting comments i dont know any of you so keep your comments to yourself.

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