A man on bail has been recorded as the latest homicide victim in the country…

Charles St Luc

NASSAU| On Tuesday evening sometimes around 10 pm police were called to the scene of another homicide, this time in the West Carmichael Road community in the vicinity of Mt. Tabor Estate. 

There they discovered a male shot dead. Witnesses confirm the victim was on a patio chilling (just out a jail) when gunmen came from a small Japanese vehicle, chased him on foot, and sprayed his body with bullets until he collapsed to the ground.

BP has identified the victim in this latest killing to be Charles St. Luc aka D. J, Elmo

Now, St Luc was on bail for the September 6th, 2020 murder of Charles Rolle. Rolle is understood to have been shot dead during a gambling game. It was alleged that the accused wrapped his body in a white sheet, which was later discovered on the side of the street on Bacardi Road.

Bahamas Press has warned persons who get these relatives on bail to be extremely careful around them. THEY WILL NOT SURVIVE as many people have abandoned the course of justice and are taking matters into their own hands. IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE lawless relatives operating around you have them leave the country because if not, they will leave the earth!

We ga report and let yinner decide!