Another man on bail for murder was shot dead on Sunday at a Bar on Nassau Street!

KEISHON Bethel aka Shonnie

NASSAU| Another badman on bail for murder is dead which is becoming a fast now trend for most gang bangers. 

KEISHON Bethel aka Shonnie was shot at a bar on Nassau Street on Sunday, June 19, 2022. He died later in hospital.

Bethel you should know was charged for the January 5th, 2020 murder of Lynden Humes. Bethel is accused of opening fire on Humes car. Humes later crashed and died on Johnson Road.

BP warns families with these gang bangers relatives on bail to be warned! Have them leave the country! Bahamians and all residents will learn quickly the hard way; In the Bahamas today, you can’t commit an alleged murder, get bail, then walk around as if nothing happened. It just does not work like that anymore!

We report yinner decide!