A young man is fighting for his life after an almost deadly accident Sunday


front-car<<< The mangled front portion of a silver Honda after it slammed into a utility pole on the Tonique Darling Highway Sunday night around 9pm. In below photo police officers inspect the back section of the vehicle located some 100 yards near a wall.

Nassau, Bahamas — It was described to us like a scene in an action movie. A silver Honda Civic racing with high speeds heading east on Tonique Darling Highway. The car had just left the QE Sports Centre with two cars trailing behind. The highway for them became the Indy 500, but the picture of a small jet attempting to takeoff runway 44 would better tell what occurred on Sunday night around 9pm.

Yes Bahamas, another young teen is fighting for his life in hospital following what can only be described as, ‘carnage left behind’.

A drag race almost ended deadly just east on the opposite side of the New Covenant Baptist Church. An eyewitness at the crash told Bahamas Press, “It is amazing to see the boy was still alive. I mean they were racing pass New Covenant Church and was approaching the stoplight just below the hill. All I saw was when the silver Honda skid off the road, shaved the side of a tree and slammed into a huge utility pole where it exploded into pieces.

“When the dust was cleared the front seat and engine went east, and the back seat and trunk went west. And the young man was pinned under the front part of the car. Man look, we had to lift the front portion of the car from off him, as he was ejected from the car. We thought he was dead when we saw how the car fell on him. It was unbelievable!”back-seat

When BP arrived to the scene of the crash, the victim was still on the ground. The accident left huge portions of Kemp Road and Fox Hill without power, and drew a large crowd of bewildered spectators. The young man was motionless with multiple fractures about his legs, which looked wobbly bent. His upper body displayed several gaping lacerations, particularly on his head. He could not remember his name, nor he was. Yet miraculously alive.

Witnesses questioned how two of the other cars in the race behind the victim quickly fled the scene after police arrived. It left spectators asking more questions, was it a race of the Bahamian Indy 500, usually seen on Sundays with flashy cars and popping motorbikes? Or was it someone being chased? That, we don’t know.

Be safe people!


  1. Good morning to all the readers,I pray to GOD that the personinthis car makes it.This is a wake up call for all speed kills.

  2. Grammy always used to say, “When you can’t learn, you will surely feel.” Look how many people already lost their lives speeding through our streets. This inconsiderate young man and his friends could have caused another road user their lives as well racing through the streets like a bunch of wild maniacs. He and his family should really drop on their knees and praise God, that he is still alive after such a serious accident. If those people who he were racing with were any real friends, they would have been on the scene when the police and the paramedic arrived providing them with information about who he was and where he came from, instead they were only concerned about themselves, because they did not want to be given tickets for traffic violations they left the scene. Some friends they turned out to be. Young people really need to give some serious consideration about type of people who they chose to hang around with. This could have been avoided.

  3. Speed kills and it is now time to reintroduce Lay magistrates to overseer Traffic Courts.Bahamas Information Services could be utilized along with ZNS to give the names of perons who are punished or acquitted by these courts.It should go a long way in letting us know who speeders or other traffic offenders are.There might be over 100,000 traffic matters b4 the Courts so lets clear them as the money earned could be used to defray payments now being made to the needy in our country.

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