Abaco resident shot two RBPF officers and lived to tell the story…

Body cams

ABACO| Bahamas Press is learning a known drug addict in the community of Abaco lost it and held up his family in a domestic dispute on the island.

Two RBPF officers responded to the scene where the addict turned his weapon onto the officers, who he opened fire on grazing one to the face and the offer officer was hit to the stomach.

Police fired back hitting the deranged man. The officers drove themselves to the island clinic and police took the suspect also the island clinic where all three were treated and discharged.

It is amazing to see how this unfolded though. Two officers shot and the white Abaco shooter lived to tell his side of the story. Police have yet to report the incident to the public as the US EMBASSY has issued a Travel Advisory on the unreported violence in the country.

Back on May 27th, 2018 Deangelo Evans aka Dee, the young man in Mason’s Addition area only matched a description, didn’t have a weapon but was shot up some 16 times about the body. The family still to this day awaits justice.

We report yinner decide!