Advertising on BP – Eleuthera Writer's Book Launch and Reading




  1. Congratulations! Ms. Nixon, if only we could instill in our children the power of reading. Reading, in my opinion, has to be aquired from childhood, in order to enjoy and make a part of daily living. Sadly, books in our Bahamaland has been relegated to the ash heap, having to compete with the internet, the Television, and the Ipod.

    I am always amazed at the lack thereof, of bookstores in this country. I hope it is well received.

  2. Thank you Russell for your support. In my four years of parenting, I have learned that in order to educate today’s kids, you have to entertain them. Thats why i didn’t put that many photos in there. I was teaching a summer school once and asked kids to draw a mermaid and all of them came back looking like Ariel from Disney. So with that in mind I want kids to workout their minds instead of letting an artist tell them what it should be. I will have some for sale and I plan to do another mini launch or reading at a bookstore in Nassau in December.

  3. Hello and congratulations on your very educational venture.Can you say at which bookstores I can get copies to issue as Xmas presents or better still how can I arrange to pay and get copies.

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