Anglican Bishop Boyd defends the positions of the Church and explains why he sacked Fr. Brown in letter!


St. Agnes will celebrate its Fest of Title Sunday and PM Christie will be reading the lesson – let’s hope he does not go overtime this time!

Bishop of the Bahamas Rt. Rev'd Laish Zane Boyd explains why Fr. Brown was removed as an Archdeacon!
Bishop of the Bahamas Rt. Rev’d Laish Zane Boyd explains why Fr. Brown was removed as an Archdeacon!

Nassau, Bahamas — When Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie reads the lesson at the St. Agnes Anglican Church Patronal Festival tomorrow afternoon all eyes will be on the Rector Fr. Ranfurly Brown, who was sacked by Bishop Laish Zane Boyd

Brown, we know, has been removed as Archdeacon of the West and Central Archdeaconry. The same we can now report was confirmed on Thursday 7th January, 2016.

However in a letter circulated to clergy obtained by Bahamas Press, the Bishop spelt out his reasons for his decision after many attempted to suggest that the decision was unfair to Brown.

Crushing the misguided press speculations as to why Brown was removed, the Bishop of the Bahamas Including the Turks and Caicos Islands minced no words to the clergy on his decision spelling out that, “…you have a right to know that in this matter your Bishop has not acted capriciously and not solely, or even largely, as a result of the deference to the Prime Minister. This issue is far larger than that.”

Pointing out infractions by Fr. Brown, the Bishop added that, “…as Bishop I no longer have confidence in him to perform the functions of an Archdeacon.”

Bahamas Press has published the contents of the letter in its entirety for you, Joe Public, to see! We believe the position clearly spelt out by the Bishop confirms that it is time for some senior clerics to get saved and be reminded of the words of Matthew Chapter 18, “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted [CHANGE], and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

A team of Bahamas Press will be stationed deep in St. Agnes tomorrow evening. One of our Senior Editors will be dressed in full prayer garments to watch what will play out!

We report yinner decide!



  1. Jesus also talked about going around quoting scriptures and not using your brain, he sounds like one of the people who would leave the sheep in the hole till the Sabbath is over. lol..#Matthew Ch.18

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