Another resident didn't live to see Monday because of CRIME


tagia-armory<<< Shooting victim Tagia Soles Armony and her son Chelan Armony.

Nassau, Bahamas — Tagia Soles-Armony, a 29 year-old mother of two children, was the mother killed over the weekend mercilessly in what is believe to be a robbery gone bad. Armony had just pulled up to her grandmother’s home in Sea Breeze community with her children when suddenly appeared a gunman outside the window of her white 2008 Honda.

Her older son had just rung his grammy’s doorbell when the attacker opened fire on his mother.

The Sea Breeze community has experienced a spate of robberies and carjackings lately. The gunman shot Armony at point blank range into her side and then fled the scene of the crime.

Armony attempted to drive away from the scene of the incident, however, she lost control and hit another vehicle. She died a short time later.

Bahamas Press wonders if this latest incident could have been avoided if  the scores of persons released out of the prisons by the Judiciary in April, May and June this year were still locked away awaiting trial.


  1. I taught Tagia music in primary school and she had an EXCELLENT SPIRIT; every teacher’s dream student. I utterly condemn this act of violence on an innocent person.My condolence to the family and I hope that this murderer and all murders in these Bahama islands suffer for their crime as outlined in Leviticus 24;17.

  2. IT IS NOT A HIT! GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MINDS RIGHT NOW….IF YOU DONT KNOW THE REAL STORY DON’T TALK ABOUT IT! Its been a horrible week for her family and friends! Please stop the speculation!

  3. My deepest sympathy and prayer goes out to the family. We are living in some very perilous time, where people regard human life as nothing. Who ever did this to this beautiful young woman now has blood on their hands that they will have to answer for. If our justice system fails to seek justice for Tagia, rest assures God will deal with this coldhearted murder(s) in his own time.

  4. A young woman is dead on in The Bahamas on the heals of Miss Universe Pageant!!!

    Nassau, Bahamas — A young mother of two, 29-year old TaGia Soles-Armony, was shot in her car in the driveway of her grandmother’s house in Nassau, Bahamas on Friday in front of her young children. The baby boy and her two year old survived. Why is this not in the major press three days later?

    If the same had happened to a tourist in the Bahamas I presume it would be an international news story within hours. This is a disgrace. If this had happened anywhere in Europe or the US it would be international headline news already.

    Something needs to change. It absolutely not acceptable for the government to openly “leave the criminals to shoot each other” as I have heard reported by some nationals. Innocent people are dying as a direct result of your inaction Prime Ministers and Ministers.Ignoring the problem will only exacerbate it. According to Bahamian paper the Tribune, this is the 50th murder this year in the Bahamas.

    A 2007 report from the World Bank and a U.N agency estimated that the overall murder rate in the Caribbean was 30 per 100,000 inhabitants, four times that in North America and states that the Caribbean has “the world’s highest murder rate as a region, severely affecting potential economic growth.”

    TaGia was charming, kind, beautiful, an avid runner and as anyone who knew her will tell you straight away, she had the most memorable, infectious smile. I understand she flew home to the Bahamas Friday with her two year old son and the new baby to see her parents and sisters for a week. I was told by friends that a monster apparently shot her. I got to know her and her husband well while working in the region.

    The Caribbean is truly a paradise and the culture so full of love, fun and beauty, it deserves so much better than this. All that we love about Caribbean culture will be ruined unless there is CHANGE.

    In Canada, anyone who joins the national police force the RCMP can only serve outside their home community. This would be a start to overhauling what appears to be a soft line on gun violence and crime in the islands. Let each police officer only serve on islands that are not his/her home island perhaps? This has to stop.

    These criminals, in-humans, though very small in number seem to be growing in number if you go by murder statistics in the region (this is not limited to the Bahamas) and they are ruining one of the most beautiful places on our planet. It will only get worse until gun crime ceases to be tolerated.

    Putting up and shutting up is the worst kind of crime.

    Rest in peace beautiful, young and innocent TaGia Soles.

  5. also ya’ll need to find the bastard or bastards who committed this crime because only a heartless bastard would kill a young mother of two and runaway.

  6. She was living in St. Kitts, so it would make sense that she was driving a relative or friend’s car whilst she was here. Question is why would have there been a hit out on her sister?

  7. Whether it was for her, her sister, her MA, or her brother. What gives these thugs the right to shoot a person. When they find whoever did this they need to hangs them by their balls and anyone else that goes around the court house supporting them. I am so sick of the kids committing these Crimes, then the mothers around the court with their hand on their head But Not my Boy and the Police mistreating my child. Just think Tagia’s children now don’t have No Ma. Thanks to these NO GOOD THUGS! What are we raising a Nation of Criminals. God help US

  8. The Police dont put the criminals back on the streets they arrest them it is up to the courts to give them bail. I heard they took her for her sister because she was driving her sister car. Now whats the real story i dont know but i know for sure that was not a robbery.

    • they took her for her sister because she was driving her sister car.

      What is this? This makes no sense! So you’re saying if her sister was driving the car and was shot its OK? Come ON CHARLIEE A LIFE. The Bahamas has turned into the WILD WILD WEST and you know it. Hubert Ingraham said everyone who dies on the street and killed by the hands of another is known to their killers. How is it then police can’t find the killer but WUTLESS MUGABE knows they knew each other?

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. Ignore the last comment all
    Im so angry I lost my friend I am loosing focus
    I cant comprehend what is going on this world when you cant even
    breast feed your son in your car whether the story is told wrong or right its not going to bring my best friend back
    I cant sleep I cant think I cant close my eyes without the thought in my head that our loving Tagia will not be coming back home
    What we need to do is UNITE and help each other love one another
    The love for human kind has vanished
    no longer do people help each other no longer are people good to one another There is nothing but hatred and violence
    This was a good women a great mother/wife and wonderful friend and now she is gone
    I am truly heart broken

  10. I would like to say this in Tagia defense please do not speculate that this was a hit you were not there. Please remember Tagia was loved by many and it is enough her husband,Chelan,Zen family and friends now have to face the fact that we will not see her beautiful kind spirit everday. She was an amazing woman and if you were blessed to know her for one-minute you would respect her enough not to make such a comment. Please pray for her family and friends.


    • Bad reporters, YOU MEAN WUTLESS REPORTERS ECH? Because I cannot see for the life a me how is it EVERY weekend in The Bahamas someone is discovered dead at Potter’s Cay and the Damn police in this town always tell us an autopsy will be perform and nothing is said afterwards? THIS IS INCREDIBLE! EVERY WEEK A DEAD BODY IS FOUND IN NASSAU HABOUR AND THE POLICE AND REPORTERS CAN’T SEE YET SOMETHING HAPPENING AT THE HARBOUR!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. Thoughts and prayers go out to all of her friends and family. What a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I know she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

  13. Whether this was a “hit” or a robbery gone bad, there is still far too much crime on our streets. I don’t feel safe anywhere anymore. I am fearful all the time, always looking around me. It is such a sad state. People, women especially, are paranoid and rightly so. Random people are being attacked and everywhere, many of it going unaddressed by the police. Efforts need to be quadrupled because clearly not enough is being done. The criminals are being recycled back into our streets, and to the detriment of innocent Bahamians. They laugh at the criminal justice system. We should expect more from the people whose job it is to protect us. The RBPF is failing miserably, and its cost is the loss of life and bloodshed of the Bahamian people.

  14. I heard through the ether that it was a ‘hit’, but the popo say it’s robbery, so they must know….

  15. There is more to this story than what’s being said. This sounds so incomplete. Why shoot first if it is a simple robbery? Why shoot and then runaway? Why if the doorbell had already been rung did she attempt to drive away from the scene? I hope this is investigated fully and not dismissed as a robbery gone bad as it DOES NOT ADD UP!

  16. Media, the only solution since the Police cannot protect us is to protect ourselves. Everyone needs to be able to pack heat in their cars . We need our version of the NRA! Who will join me? trust me, if people know that you will not go quietly, intuitively, there will be less random crime.

    Drug boys will still shoot it out, but like the PM says, we do not care about them. let them kill each other. We are concerned about innocent Bahamians going about their business, having their lives cut short.

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