Arrest warrant issued for Albany executive’s son in indecent assault case

Albany resident Spencer Charrington, 19

NASSAU| An arrest warrant was issued on Friday for the son of Albany executive Peter Charrington after he left the country following an accusation of indecent assault.

According to the court’s docket, Albany resident Spencer Charrington, 19, is accused of indecently assaulting Diana Lisovaya at the resort on January 1.

He was a no-show when the matter was called before Magistrate Kendra Kelly.

She asked, “Where is Mr. Charrington?”

The prosecutor, Sergeant 260 Vernon Pyfrom, said, “From my information, he has left the precinct of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and traveled back to the United States. As a result, we are asking for a warrant of arrest, so as soon as he comes in he will be taken into custody.”

Kelly replied, “Warrant of arrest issued.”

Pyfrom said, “Obliged, your worship.”

Charrington was in another court on June 3 to testify against Lisovaya’s husband, Canadian businessman Philippe Gagnon.

He was accused of slapping Charrington after he allegedly groped Lisovaya’s butt.

In his testimony, Charrington, who said he wore a dress at the party, denied inappropriately touching Lisovaya.

He testified that he liked the feathers on her dress and was merely complimenting her.

However, Magistrate Algernon Allen Jr. dismissed the case against Gagnon after finding that the prosecution’s witnesses had been unduly influenced, rendering his trial unfair.

Allen made the decision to dismiss the case after Albany’s head butler Lavardo Bethel altered his testimony following an outburst from Albany senior partner Peter Charrington, who was seated in the court gallery.

Bethel testified to seeing Gagnon hit Spencer Charrington.

But he incorrectly said that Gagnon hit Peter Charrington when cross-examined by defense lawyer Bjorn Ferguson.

He corrected his testimony after Peter Charrington cleared his throat loudly.

The magistrate said, “What was that? Do I have to clear this courtroom?”

Ferguson said, “It appears so.”

The magistrate said, “There is to be no coaching of the witness. Let’s be very clear, everyone in the gallery is to remain silent.”

Mr. Charrington apologized for his actions after the magistrate rebuked him.

Charrington said, “He said he hit Peter Charrington. He did not hit me.”

Allen said, “But you have to remain silent. I’m sure if you were in the UK, or wherever you’re from, that would not happen.”

Charrington said. “I’m very sorry, sir.”

The exchange, however, prompted Ferguson to seek a dismissal in the case, which was granted.

Allen’s decision has not been appealed.

Lisovaya and Gagnon, who had previously made complaints to the Police Corruption Unit over the handling of their criminal complaint against Spencer, praised Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander for bringing resolution to the matter.

According to the couple, their $90,000 per year membership at Albany was suspended after the incident.

Albany CEO Christopher Anand and COO Damien Michelmore did not reply to The Nassau Guardian‘s inquiries on the status of Spencer Charrington’s membership.