Arsonist[s] destroyed all government vehicles and it is caught on camera!


This is what happened when criminal are in charge and illegals are allowed to walk around unmolested!

Government cars destroyed this morning on Carmichael Road.

Nassau – The Fire Services is investigating the circumstances surrounding four Bahamas Government vehicles that caught ablaze shortly before midnight on Carmichael Road on the compound of the Department of Labour. Just opposite the corner of Conliff Bakery.

From BP’s initial investigation we saw clear signs of arson in one of the busiest streets in the capital. Someone must have seen something.

All four new government Kia vehicles were destroyed. So now ya ain’t gat job nor cars to get the job done? What could these criminals be thinking?


We report yinner decide!

Government car torched by criminals.

Government car set a blazed just after midnight outside the Department of Labour.