Four persons shot at a party including a six-year-old child last night…


Man shot and killed in Nassau Village on Friday is this man aka PLY.

Nassau – Police can confirm that there was shooting incident in Montel Heights last evening.

Several persons including a young child were shot and taken to hospital. Some four persons we at BP can confirm were shot.

We understand a party was happening in the area when someone with an automatic weapon open fire in the crowd. The condition of none of the victims are known at this time.

But we can tell you according to the Commissioner OF POLICE crime is down BUT we cannot verify in what category.

Meanwhile victim #74 of that homicide in that Nassau Village shooting Friday just outside a known dope house in the area. The victim goes by the street name PLY. He died on the scene. A female victim was also rushed to hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

We report yinner decide!