BAAAs President and Executives taken to court as the battle to stay on by axed executives heats up!


Who is the JACKASS that thought up the idea to hold a major sporting event on the 40th anniversary of the country on Grand Bahama?

Mike Sands President of BAAA taken to court by axed BAAAs members.

Nassau, Bahamas — An injunction has been filed in the Supreme Court against the President and members of the BAAAs following that axing exercise of three executives, Bahamas Press can exclusively reveal.

Members of the sports community are mute over the development, which has now thrown a wrench in the operations of the BAAAs and the progress of youth sports development in the country.

Iram Lewis, the man who oversaw the jack-up the national stadium, is now spending his money wildly and is prepared to fight the BAAAs to the end.

The injunction is intended to cancel the decision of the BAAAs to replace the three elected members who were expelled from office.

President of the BAAAs Mike Sands has hired top gun lawyer Wayne Munroe to challenge the action and we assure Lewis, like Cargill, after this court conundrum he will be broke like a Church rat.

Justice Jon Issacs will hear the matter.

Not one word of these developments has come in the wutless media of the Bahamas – Boy, dey wutless eh?

Lewis could not get elected president and now he taking the BAAAs to court. Here we go again.

Meanwhile, Bahamas Press understands a major sports event – the Nationals – will be held this year in Grand Bahama.

The event caters to the Bahamas best in sports.

We therefore put the question: After a $30 million dollar investment in the national stadium, and another $40 million to put the dying trees and roadways therein – who is the JACKASS of the year of the country’s 40th anniversary who cooked up that idea to hold the games on Grand Bahama?

Boy, what a country!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Well for years the Nationals has always been routed back and forth between the two islands since the completion of the Gb sports complez. Its understandable that one would consider to hold the games in the stadium here in nassau but persons also have to take into consideration that some of the top athletes in the bahamas and that makes those teams every yr are from the island of Grand Bahama and it cost coaches and both families the expense to travel to nassau to view that meet. its held in GB once every 3 years or so, with that being said i dont find a issue with the games being taken to the second city. If we want to make more use of the new stadium here in New Providence BP since you guys are very good with getting the word out they should look to implement the bahamas games back into play. Lets unite as one country I am from Nassau but we are not the Bahamas we are simply the capital. Thanks for the time to share my opinion.

  2. Clearly we know who is paying you’ll off this is not journalism and you guys should get your stories straight…you’ll put the punch on a pedistal

  3. Now B.P. you dead wrong for asking why Freeport for the Nationals! Dat dirty water you’ll Nassau people been cookin with all des years gat you’ll STUPID STUPID! It’s like you Nassau people think everything what happen in the Bahamas supposed to happen in Nassau. Anyway let me give you a couple reasons to have the games in Freeport; besides the fact that theisland needs the business Freeport has a world standard track facility that dosent cost tens of thousands of dollars just to turn in the lights; even with $200 million worth of roadwork done in Nassau it’s still easier to move about the city of Freeport and most importantly in Freeport you don’t have to worry bout a gang of hungry thugs robbin an shootin up da damn athletes! So BP you need to stop talkin S&#T!!!!!

    • Well with all the proper facilities here, one would think it is a waste that if they want to make money of the event NASSAU should be the venue.

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