BAD ACTORS ON DRUGS attempting to use the BP Brand to circulate material on WhatsApp!

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NASSAU| We at BP are monitoring how some NASTY Lowlife deep inside the FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT have attempted via social media to use our page to attack some senior members of the Governing Party via WHATSAPP.

One such online attack went out today and another was circulated on FRIDAY!

Now we are aware of the works of the lowlife who was kicked out of ZNS like a jonser under the last Minnis regime and placed deep inside the office of the PM before being fired by the NEW DAY GOVERNMENT.

Bahamas Press is warning these bad actors attempting to use the BP brand to watch ya self. WE KNOW YINNER! And if you and yinner continue, Bahamas Press will be left with no other recourse but to get NASTY, DUTTY and PERSONAL with these bad actors online!

LEAVE OUR BRAND alone! Or we will have no choice but to protect it in the most vicious and violent manner from these BAD ACTORS!

A word to the wise is sufficient!

We report yinner decide!