Bamboo Shack Nassau Street robbed of $52,000 and there was no forced entry!


NASSAU| Bamboo Shack Nassau Street, just a stone throw-away from the Nassau Street Police Station and Magistrate Court complex, was the scene of another robbery.

Bandits break into the establishment, sprayed cameras with ketchup, destroyed the CCTV system and stole $52,000.

What is most interesting about this robbery though is the fact that there was no forced entry and the panic alarm system was inoperable. And most likely the safe access was also achieved without any difficulty; And all this happening right under the nose of the police station!

We wonder who working at the establishment, or connected to someone in the operation – committed this dastard wicked act? Who? And gues what? Someone kmows what gone down but refuses to tell BP or the Bahamian Police!

We report yinner decide!