JoBeth Coleby Davis on the move again…this time in Transport!

Minister Jobeth Coleby Davis with Minister Obie Wilchcombe and public officials.

BIMINI| It’s official, under the Hon. JoBeth Coleby-Davis, The Ministry of Transport and Housing has opened its very first stand alone Road Traffic Department office in Bimini.

Our mission has always been to remain on the cutting edge of technology within the Road Traffic department and now we begin that journey through implementing the Transportation Management System (TMS) within the Bimini office.

This system is intended to help plan, organize, execute, and optimize all areas of transportation management within the Road Traffic Department.

This office is the first of the remaining islands to utilize the Transportation Management System. By the end of year we intend to utilize TMS within San Salvador, Acklins, Cat Island, and Great Inagua.