Value Added Tax will keep the merchants feet to the fire!


Letter to the EDITOR!

Dear Sir,

In putting my ear to the ground, I’ve noticed that some Bahamians terribly fear price gouging as it pertains to Value Added Tax. Firstly, there is a Commission formed JUST to deal with that and secondly there is a way to keep our merchants on their toes, making sure they are sticking to the percentage they are supposed to add on.

When the government of The Bahamas initially introduced talks on VAT, the proposed percentage was 15 per cent. The citizens of the country protested and the percentage was reduced to 7.5 per cent. All and sundry seems to be satisfied with that so we move on.

Most of us in this country have at least traveled to parts of Florida. When visiting the grocery stores or clothing shops there, one is sure to find one or two ladies shopping with their calculators in hand. Those ladies know exactly what their bill is when they go to cash up their items and if it is not what they think it should be , they will refute it.

Lets put our merchants feet to the fire and keep them in check. Let us act like responsible citizens who care about our country and want to be a part of our own governance.

Buy a calculator and take it with you whenever you go shopping. If the taxed prices exceed 7.5 per cent then report it to the manager. If that gets you no relief then report the merchant to the Ministry of Finance and they will be dealt with.

VAT is good for us! It is necessary and we all must play an HONEST part in it. Price gougers will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

Be vigilant!

Yours etc.

Sarah Kelly