Bernard Nottage Slams the FNM and says, "We have NO Leadership!"



  1. Big P you said it. What this Bahamas has not realized is it is time for a change, I time for something new and a time for some people to retire man. I was disappointed with BJ when he let the dream for a new party disapate. The CDR had a great chance to be in the forefront of politics today. His moment was to be now. My family and I have been a strong supporter of the PLP. I grew up listening to the stories of the PLP from my father and my 5 cents is it was awesome and great then but new tie, need new measures. The PLP is done becuase they can’t same to get the fact that this is a new era. and they need to stop living in the past. Retire, and honour those that served and revive and restore the part for those on the rise. My father had a record in his store that I listen to cald socail Revolution. People we are going to have a serious social Revolution inthis country. The PLP and The FNM would not be able to stem. WAKE UP BAHAMAS! Stop Sleeping man. Change the party or become obsolete like the BDP and the other parties that were around and now forgotten.WAKE UP BAHAMAS! WAKE UP PLP! I even won’t eve speak about the FNM and Hubert Ingraham.

  2. I am just wondering if anyone on this site remebers why the PLP lost last’s because Perry Christie could not stand up to Hubert (Insider PLP’s)have no clue what we the swing and independent voters are saying. It goes like this approxiamately 40% of Bahamians are die hard FNM’s and the other 40% are die hard PLP’s that’s 80%..the other 20% decides the elections and that 20% aint into no PC…the PLP’s convoluted belief that Gambier House wins elections will be utterly destroyed when the Biggety one goes crazy and bite Christie bad so sad…i really can stand either or I am sitting this one out I cannot be voting for “I am going to die in power men who believe only they were ordain to run this country” brain dead people

  3. @Kim Sands
    Kim, I think PC is really hurt by what BJ did because I believe (IMO) that PC was planning for BJ to take over the party about 3-4 years after winning the govt!! Now PC does not know whether he could trust BJ or not… I doubt PC would punish BJ in anyway accept for the fact that he will always keep an eye on him!!

    I am convinced that BJ will get much support but not enough to win.. BJ should have ran for the deputy spot and assisted PC with winning the next election…. BJ has complicated things but through it all I am still hoping he wins because he won’t have such a up hill battle to regain the people’s trust like PC will have… But if PC wins, he will need a person like Brad to propel him and fight for the people’s trust once again to get another chance at running this country!!!

  4. PC was on the news tonight and he sound like he still hot with the way BJ gone about challenging him. I wonder what will happen if he regains the leadership, will he still keep BJ as a member of his team?

  5. BJ don’t stand a chance aginst Cool PC,remember my words and on Friday Cool PC would be voted back as leader of the great PLP,Brave as deputy and Big Bad Brad as Chairman if he runs.Sunday 11:55 October 2009

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