BP now has the name of the alleged murderer following a Sissy Brawl on Gladstone Road


<<< The Sissy Garage Club on Gladstone Road the scene of a violent murder early Sunday morning.

Nassau, Bahamas – News Breaking now on BP<<<< Bahamas Press now has the name of the accused driver who police sources tell us, allegedly committed vehicular homicide [Possibly Murder and Attempted Murder] last night on Gladstone road.

We can now report the girl tracked down by police is, Telly Louis, a female in her early 20s of Haitian decent who lives in the Bain Town area.

Early Sunday morning a sissy brawl erupted outside the club concluding with a rock and bottle throwing session on the main road.

BP has learned the alleged murderer rammed her vehicle into the decease police now say is, Oreal Farrington, killing her dead on the spot. We are told one of the occupants of that same car then exited  and proceed to stab violently the girl intended to hit. We understand that victim is now listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit at the Princess Margaret Hospital.


  1. bp yall always gat yall stories on lock keep it up..
    truth or any one else do yall have oreal’s face book name cuz i really wanna find her pic to see how she looks

  2. Decency could not be found 4 AM in the morning Sunday when drunk wild JUNGLASSES decided to make chaos on Gladstone Road.

    Decency was absent when they decided to take a vehicle and ram it into the body of a 20 year old girl.

    Decency was gone when they decided to jump out of the same car and proceeded to ‘JOOKUP’, in front of the public, another girl intended for the HIT!

    Decency was absent when that same band of WIND JUNGULASSES sped through the city knocking wildly anything in its path breaking every law on the road in an attempt to kill another victim by stabbing her on a roadway miles away.

    And decency was murdered when that same violent BITCH decided to come up against law officers who intervened and restore order back in this town on a BLESSED SUNDAY MORNING!

    And now you come on here to tell us be decent in reporting the news? Your head cannot be screwed on right. If we had some say, she would have been before the firing quad this morning. The nerve a some of yinner to come on here and tell us how to report!


    What decency? VICKED LAWLESS people deserves BLUNT BRUTAL FORCE and I’m sorry they will not get nothing decent from BP. We treat ya just how ya act!

    Every window in my resident is wide open right now. The winds are high and the breeze blowing through. Come now like I say if you get beyond the gate God help ya. I say no more on that!!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. To whomever said ‘shut it down’.
    Exactly, what do you think that will accomplish.
    Most of these individuals already gather at private parties and events, plus when will some Bahamians realize that censorship is not the way to change people’s minds. Numbers, gayness, stripping, you change people’s mind’s by giving them real information and debating it, banning it you accomplish nothing, because sure as hell it will go underground and prosper.

  4. So you think its right to report things without doing research. YET so quick to point out on the tribune and ZNS for not reporting issues. IGNORANCE. Personally I think you should be ashamed to spread propaganda about a GIRL who you don’t even know trying to DEFAME HER. THAT’S MORE THAN IGNORANCE THAT’S being cold heated. Ive watch you almost MONTH BY MONTH defaming HOMICIDE VICTIMS without showing any type of RESPECT to the family and most of all to the deceased. BUT WHEN COLD BLOOD KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR STEPS I HOPE YOU REMEMBER WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN. NO TYPE OF DECENCY.

  5. Well concern when they selling the cruise ship they tell us its a SISSY CRUISE we don’t know that. So since they say it we report it. Don’t take us out for what people promote.


  6. I have one concern, if this took place at another club let say Club Water Loo or Fluid Lounge would the topic be “The Straight Water Loo or Fluid lounge on Bay Street or Straight Brawl on Bay Street” are we still so closed minded and ignorant…..

  7. And you made this fabricated story stating that it was a LOVE TRIANGLE when my cousin got hit ACCIDENTALLY. The girl who they wanted to hit was not too far from the deceased. Get your LATE facts straight. Also they had a fight BEFORE she got killed and not after. So when you want to create a story line about a young beautiful girl make sure it been ACCURATE INFORMATION. Wrong place, Wrong time next to the wrong crowd!


    Truth says:
    April 25, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    The Murder name is: Telly Louis
    You needs to be defaming her because shes the stupid criminal who tried to knock down someone else but knock down a INNOCENT HUMBLE FEMALE who I’m going to miss sooo much.

  9. We stand by our story in its fullest details now being supplied to us by investigators of the RBPF. As I said before Truth, you need not come on here to create your spin in an attempt to discredit this site. BP has a reputation of BREAKING NEWS in this country!

    Now, had you come on here and shared the name of the accused, we would find your commentary very interesting. But now you see, we had to call the name first. And now you come – with ya LATE AGAIN SELF – offering a story? The accuse will stand trial this week. Stay Tuned and we hope to see you in court since you have so much to share with us.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. 1. Actually it wasn’t her vehicle. It was her friends vehicle.

    2. Actually before Telly Louis got into the car she was attacked/stabbed by a group of girls. Then she went into the car and intended to hit one of the girls who attacked her but accidentally killing my cousin.

    GET THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!

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