BP UPDATES from the Election Court


23531_388067742776_275610207776_3475488_286671_n<<< This photo we believe will make the history books. PLP strongman Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, Val Grimes and Leo Ryan Pinder lay their case before the Election Court.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is still in the press box where we’ve been seated since Thursday morning as Election Court resumed on Bank Lane.

Leo Ryan Pinder spent most of morning sitting cross-legged shaking his foot behind his attorney Phillip Brave Davis as Justices Jon Isaacs and Anita Allen listened to attorney David Higgins present first and second respondents closing submissions.

Higgins is representing Returning Officer Jack Thompson and Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel. The packed courtroom is still filled with local political celebrities including from both sides.

Since court is expected to continue until about 6pm tonight, we thought to give you our loyal readers the inside scoop as to what’s happening. There have been many questions over six votes (the voters will be only known as Voters A,B,C,D,E, and F) that have this whole bye-election result up in the air including inconsistency with correct identification, address, voting on a coloured ballot paper and simply not being registered.

The court also heard that one of the voters in question has a different address from someone else in the same residence which could mean someone made an error when the voter’s card was created.

Stay tuned as we bring you a detailed report only at www.bahamaspress.com.