BREAKING NEWS <<< Thousands of Union Funds Deposited to Union President’s Private Bank Account


Dennis G. Williams, President of the Bahamas ELECTRICAL Workers Union.

London, UKBahamas Press now focuses our attention on the financially strapped Corporation BEC, an organization ran into the ground by the Free National MOVEMENT Government.

Many would remember the announcement by Ingraham to place the public asset [BEC] up for sale the same way the government is agreeing to sell 51% of BTC.

You would also remember the government back in 2008 made a Cabinet decision to disconnect more than 6,000 Bahamian families from power supply, while pole #44 was erected in a Haitian village in the Fire Trail community.

BEC is in financial trouble. Last year someone hinted they made money but they tell us soon and very soon jobs at the Corporation will be lost. The state of affairs at BEC under the FNM was so dire we are told it forced former Chairman, Frederick Gottlieb, to resign.

No one in the Bahamas knew why an FNM chairman under an FNM government would fold up his tent and study war no more. Members of the WUTLESS MEDIA never questioned the former politician asking what were reasons for his actions, nor has anyone asked the embattled “SCANDAL RIDDLED” Minister, Earl Deveaux, what was the reason[s] for Gottlieb’s departure. All we know is BUSH CRACK and man GONE!

BP on the other hand intentionally stalled the publishing of these revelations because we wanted to test the media on this one, and boy they’ve failed the people BIG TIME!

We have been shown documents, which has given us conclusion for Gottlieb’s resignation. Additionally, with all the concerns by workers, BP wonders where is the President of the Bahamas ELECTRICAL Workers Union? Can anyone tell us where has the FNM goon disappeared? We cannot find this Jerry Roker in town, nor could we hear his voice on the abused workers at BEC, who are being called everything but a child of the Master. But what we do see is indeed INCREDIBLE to say the least.

We are told Dennis G. Williams, President of the Bahamas ELECTRICAL Workers Union, has also abandoned the workers at BEC and is nowhere in sight here in the Bahamas. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

Dr. Earl Deveaux, Minister for the Environment.

Documents shown to us confirm there are some serious allegations between BEC, The UNION’S Executive Committee and perhaps the helicopter man in the upper echelons of the Cabinet of the Bahamas.

We are told according to our source, thousands of dollars is possibly being raided from the BEWU’s bank accounts, and this is where our story gets juicy.

One source alleged much of the money has been collected into the bank account of the sitting president, who we are told is somewhere in London, [OUTSIDE OF THE BAHAMAS] on leave.

Williams we are told is in the UK at this hour studying law??? Documents shown to us tell us he was granted a SCHOLARSHIP AT THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE by the FNM Government! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? And the story gets interesting.

The man who suppose to be fighting for the jobs of the people we are told has been dipping into the Union’s COOKIE JAR with the assistance of some members of his executive steering committee of the Union.

Thousands upon thousands we are of Union funds are written to Williams from the organization’s Royal Bank account. BOY THIS SOME DEEP DODO EH?

In one case alone information shared with us proved some SIXTEEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS [$16,200] of union funds were written on a cheque made payable to: Dennis G. Williams president of BEWU on the 7th of July, 2010. Readers should note and be reminded, Williams is not in the Bahamas and he is nowhere near his chair as president of the Union. So why is money being netted to his account?

Bahamas Press calls for Union membership at BEWU to urgently call a meeting to quickly find out where its money is going. They need to quickly investigate where all the dues are going and STOP IT QUICKLY! And from what we saw, ain’t much money left in that bank account.

We at BP have witnessed the facts and can prove something sinister is happening between the BEWU President and the high ups in the Cabinet of the Bahamas! We shall reveal more…STAY TUNED!!!!

PS: OH! and for those who thing we are just typing to hear ourselves, please look below and examine one of the many cheques shown to us.


  1. Dennis day is coming and if he is planning to becoming a lawyer then let us press charges against him now before he starts misappropriating other people money. I am appauled that the rest of the Executives allowed this to go on for as long as it did. As union members paying dues we have a say. If the President is doing *hit! Then go to the next in command. We as Bahamians can no longer tolerate this lawlessness that creeps into our society and demoralize the good names of other. Their crime must not go unpunished. It is also sickening when others can easily be bought for a few dollars. (Is it worth it?) Where is your creditability, morals, decency – if you feel you need an increase go through the proper channels. As for those sully the good name of Greene by indicating “he wants his piece of the pie”. What did he do? He too was betrayed by Williams. Those of you who say he can’t be trusted he would do more for you that you can imagine, he would not leave you like Dennis did. I have never seen a person give so much of his time to the growth and advancement of the BEWU. Listen to his platform, he is honest, genuine and committed to the cause and would fight for union members-leaving noone behind. I say talk what you know, not what you don’t know…that is where we go wrong…and stop making up stories. “GIV DA MAN A CHANCE!! IF HE FAILS US – DEN KICK HIM OUT – DAS WAT I GA DO.” GOOD LUCK STEPHANO – YOU GAT MA VOTE. May God Hold You In The Palms of His Hands.

  2. as a union member i support mr. Greene. This is not about him, this is all about mr. williams who was bought out by papa just after he won the 2007 election. Remember union members how he was called into papa office and came out smiling. This was mastermided by Dennis Williams and he alone, no one else he should be made to pay for this by himself.

  3. Mr. Williams and all Executives need to be accountable for the Union funds. This is just another case of Greed by Union officials. They use the Union for their personal gain and cash Cow. This is wrong and hats off to the person who blew the whistle. Thank God Mr. Williams is not running and if there is any truth to this we neeed to send a letter to his school and have him kicked out and disbarred when he gets back. Further more a criminal investigation needs to be launched

    • Stephano Greene is an honourable gentleman and deserve the chance to be President of the Union. From an outsider looking in he sames to be knowledgeable guy and will do well with the Union. You know one thing he is honest.

  4. Dennis is a robber he in bed with the government.When he come back to this town he will get run.Dont come back dennis dont come back.

  5. To me it seems as though Williams and his cohorts, who are all signatories on that very big handsome cheque have become very defensive and is trying to be on the offensive and spin this issue. Stephano Greene isn’t perfect but at least he was one of the few execs to blow the whistle on this sort of foolishness and he has continously stood beside and fought for BEC workers. Dennis, Armbrister, Winters and others should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Mr.Sir, If you are apart off this organisation then the information exposed should not be news to you. The president is a full time employee of The Bahamas Electricity Corporation and as such is paid by bec when he attends to his co workers buisness.He rarely has to used his time to attend to the workers matter .He makes little sacriface of his personel time . Recently even the Executive meetings are held on bec’s time.Further during the last negotiation he he look out for him self effectively divided the union to the extent that workers are being fired left and right with out his intervention on behalf of those workers.You seams to know very litte about the bewu and how thing ought to be done.Why are you not questioning why a registered Union office could be closed (lock down) for 2 years? which is in violation of Industrial relations act of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. When in the history of the bewu has the office been with an office secretary for so long? You mention how hard Dennis has work for the workers, but what about those person he failed to represent? What about those people who pay the same dues but are denied the same or equal represanation.What about all those officers who were forced to resigned because he did allow the to function in their elected capacity? What about all those position that should have been fill via bye election? My I suggest that you should not blindly follow Mr.Williams There is always right and wrong. And if a man is wrong and he is your friend, that should deter you from telling him that he is wrong.And if you do not have the knowledge then you sould be silent until you do.

    • Obviously you are not reasonable and have a personal problem with Dennis Williams.
      I find it hard to believe that even though he works for BEC and may attend duties on job time that he rarely uses his personal time.
      I guess in due time Williams will adfress the issues.
      Obviously Christians and the devil wont see eye to eye and it clear that to you dennis is no good. It seems that you have all the knowledge and has chosen the right time to post it when someone is out of the country. That is the actions of a coward. why could you not raise these issues in Mr. williams presence.
      Just another dagger in the back from another group of cowards. Thas all I will say for now your mind is twisted beyond fixing.
      Meanwhile let the hate and blackcrab fest continue.
      Our motto “when a black Bahamian moves upward we do them in right”. i really would like to hera Williams.

  7. No!No!No!Mr Williams give himself hefty increases in stipend over each term he was elected . From $300 to $900 in his first term. In this last term he was paying himself appromimately $1800.00.This is with out the authorisation of the general membership.If he decided to further his education that is a good thing and more power to him. But he is not entitled to take leave of absent from the union and then milk the organisation of which he was more that well paid.

    • You sound so intelligent.
      Do you seriously expect a Union president full or part time to make 300 a month. If he works 15 hours a week thats 5 dollars per hour. at 1800 a month that 30 dollars per hour much less that the acerage BEC worker makes.
      It really seems that the sticking point is the fact that he is futhering his education as it is mentioned at least 6 times in this thread.

      Over the years i can really remember Dennis Williams fighting hard for BEC workers. How much did he get for you since you seem to know so much. I believe that soon the real issues will surface as A UNION ELECTION is two days away.

      Sorry but this is so close to the mud that my pants cuffs are getting stained.

    • Mr. Williams purpose from the time that he was going to law school that the union was going to pay. He felt that the members were to ungrateful for his hard dedicated work in producing pay increases and contract negotiations and he was going to be paid. He took monies from the Union and manipulated the Constitution of the BEWU for his personal gain. The BEWU can never move from where it is to where it needs to be if the Constitution is not reformed. Just remember for evil to permeate, good men have to stand by and do nothing. Mr. Williams knew that all he need was a Treasurer and a Trustee that would sign cheques as along as he gave them stipend increases. Executive meetings were held with his cronies only with the Secretary General and Trustees being excluded. It is a crying shame what well paid members of the BEWU executive board allowed just so they could have a few extra dollars.

  8. The union members,are being held hostage by the out going admistration headed by Dennis Williams.The registered office of the Bahamas Electrical Worker’s Union has been shut down from December 2008, or ever since he fired the office secretary who knew to much.Further a prominant labour attorney was owed several thousand dollars.The union leaders were able to cought up the $100,000. to pay off the debt that was outstanding from 2001.The president advisers suggebted that the bill be paid years ago.The matter ended up in court, resulting in the union having to pay a huge amount in interest accumilated on the outstanding amount due the attorney.

  9. This is a smokescreen. This “exposure” might be the work the work of one of the BEWU canidates who dont have a platform- Stephano Greene. A Union inside has informed me that he is angry at Dennis Williams for not supportin him in the election and clipping his wings. The BEWU is having an election on Thursday and he is likely to lose to Paul Maynard and blames the current president.

    Question:- were the funds obtained through the proper channels. Is Dennis williams really on scholarship. If i know Dennis williams they better have their fact right or their @#$ will be grass.

  10. what’s new? What is happening now started as far back as 2001.That crew took more than $350,000.00 from a past adminstration and never accounted for it. No audit report was done for more than 9 years. A piece of property was purchaced for approximately $122,000.00 at a time when the real value was about $75,000.00.It is alledged that the property was purchased from family.On assuming the position president Dennis Williams immediately gave himself a handsome 300% stipend increase.Since the recent revelations the union members petition the Executive Board of the Union to have a special meeting called in an effort to deal with the issues.The Executive failed to ensure that the union constitution was followed as a result the meeting never materalised.This whole episode is a matter for the police and as such the members should make every effort to see that this ends up with apolice investigation.
    thank you,

  11. @Media, looking at the cheque, the dates at the bottom has 2002-2011. I can’t make out what the “Re” section says but it looks like “gratuity” correct me if i’m wrong. nonetheless, if it’s payment for something then it’s over the course of 9 years. so you giving us the impression that he’s being paid this money while he’s in school when in fact this may be payment for something from way back when.

    Please clarify.

    • You are quite correct. they are misleading the public by tring to say he is being paid for something while out of the country. it is obvious that the bottom right hand corner shows it is gratuity for 2002-2011.
      This type of action is very popular in Unions in the Bahamas when candidates say “dey thief da money” to get votes. This is obviously an attempt to shame Williams.
      The attack is distateful and the persons behind it should be shmame. it looks like some people really HATE THE FACT THAT DENNIS WILLIAMS IS IN LONDON TAKING UP LAW and are trying to destroy him.

  12. Stephano Greene another Dennis Williams waiting for his piece of the pie. He’s up for president, currently secretary general sitting right under Dennis’nose. If he wins, the BEWU WILL suffer.

    • Fact is Sandra one must look seriously at the information now being presented. To speak of others who have yet to sit in the chair is plain dumb. We are dealing with the current PRESIDENT, the one who is sitting in the seat and the one who is collecting the money.

  13. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm!

    But at the end of the day the union members will just vote in another leader who will take more of their money.

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