BREAKING NEWS <<< More FNM Parliamentarians to Leave Frontline Politics

The Chairmans: Johnley Ferguson, the former Chairman of the FNM and Carl Bethell, the current Chairman of the FNM are seen again in more happier times at the Party's fair at Arawak Cay, Nassau. Photo by Rodney Moncur.

A BP News Alert: Major convulsions in the operations of the FNM Government are happening at this hour as BP can confirm a second FNM Parliamentarian is set to tender his resignation.

BP can confirm former FNM Chairman and current Vice President of the Senate, Johnley Ferguson, shall officially tender his resignation from the Senate before the end of the month.

Standby on for details…


  1. W.Taylor…..tell Perry to invest in a spelling Bee program so you can get this spelling thing together…No, Bahamians are not stupid, but bahamians that make dumb comments and cant spell are!!!!

  2. thats tru bahanians love bad treatment ingrum could win agian. but if they are smart they know that perry set the ground work for all these project ingrum taking the glory for the new airport,the road,bay street,and removing the port,ingrum is flying high perry plans shame on ingrum. go do your own plan ingrum. like build a road to andros or put some over pass at the round about we bahamians aint stupid….

  3. To tell you the truth them changing up there MP’s is a good thing. The PLP sholud observe and also make some changes. The young people tired of the FNM but don’t wanna put the same old hags in office for the PLP. Take my Foolish advice. I may just name a few who needs to retire – Shane Gibson, Obie Wilchcombe and about 3 more needs to be in the background.

  4. I tell you all this hullabaloo is a total waste of time. It is much too early to be beating Ingraham and the FNM if you want it to have an imoact on the elections.The Ingraham I know will have the last laugh. He understands that this election is about the change of that this generation wants. This is why he will be offering new fresh faces and credible candidates. He will take all of the credit for BahaMar. I could hear him noe “Christie was Late again, couldn’t deliver the project”. Bahamians will be working. never mind the number of Chinese.The new straw market will be completed; Bay Street redevelopment will be significantly underway. Roadworks will be finished.etc.etc.etc. Bahamians will have forgotten the bad times. Certain foreign interest would prefer to have Ingraham over Christie so he will have the financial backing. The FNM will win again

  5. Those TWO – Dr Duane ‘NO CROWN CLOWN’ Sands and Carl ‘TWO TIME PINK SLIP RECIPIENT’ Bethel need to put those TWO FINGERS behind each others heads! Lol.

    First JackA… was fired before hecould be hired by Lizzy and the other was fired TWICE once by HAI the other time by Sea Breeze. He’s a lame duck but there’s HOPE – lol!

  6. Poor Johnley he was atrocious on hardcopy and very subtly criticised his own party plus he showed just how out of place he is in his own party.Johnley is still smarting from the backslap he got from Papa and it would not surprise me if he was fired again.

  7. As we get set for Victory. We are getting ready, but report on the good news about the FINAL arrangement with Bahamar and how Mr. ingraham got tens of millions from Bahamar, that will not be a lie.

  8. BP, after his disastrous appearance on Steve McKinney’s show last week, he may have seen the hand writing on the wall and just jumped before he was pushed.

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