Breaking news confirms a shootout in the Rosewood area in Pinewood Gardens and two officers are down!


Suspect open fire on police hitting two officers

Police hard on the ground. file photo

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking report just after 4pm today confirmed a police chase into the Pinewood Gardens area has left two police officers in hospital.

Bahamas Press can report the incident occurred when police were chasing a vehicle into the area where the occupant was believed spotted and is on the run for a murder charge.

We can confirm as police chased the vehicle into the Rosewood Area of Pinewood the suspect on the run’s vehicle crashed and he jumped out and fled into bushes.

Now get this: while in hot pursuit, the suspect opened fire on the two officers, hitting both men as he fired a hail of some 30 rounds in their direction.

Both officers at this hour have been rushed to hospital and their condition, we are told, is unknown.

Bahamas Press once again is calling on all residents in the Pinewood area who know the suspect who fled on foot to turn him into authorities.

Do it NOW!

We also call on US authorities to kindly provide the Bahamas with Two Black Hawk Helicopters to assist in our dangerous fight against crime.

The suspect fled into the bushes….

We report yinner decide!