Butler-Turner sends wild threat to FNMs and promises to step down when defeated Nov. 21st


TEAM LGBT goes down in flames as support for Loretta is being rejected!!!

Loretta Butler-Turner

Butler could ditch the FNM like others!

Nassau, Bahamas — Loretta Butler Turner, who will now go down as the first Deputy Leader of a party to challenge the Leader, will be defeated at the Nov. 21st Convention of the FNM.

Ground information coming into BBB Analytics have confirmed that an 87% majority of canvassed delegates have locked up their support of current leader and Killarney MP Dr. Hubert Minnis.

In a straw poll last week on a popular talk show, Dr. Minnis won the poll 102 to 2 against Butler-Turner.

The news is not well with the TEAM LGBT, which, in a last minute conversation, has told members of the party if she fails in her bid to become leader, she will step down from frontline politics.

That news hitting a delegate from Long Island who responded, “She could carry her [___ ___ ].” This leadership race is not going well…

We report yinner decide!