Captain Marvin Kerr shot down outside the door of his home


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Nassau, Bahamas –– Breaking news coming into BP confirms a recently elevated second degree member of St. James Lodge on Kemp Road has become the latest victim of attempted murder.

Shortly after midnight this morning, the striving boat captain, Marvin Kerr, was turning the keys to his home in Ideal Estates, off Soldier Road, when six shots were fired at him.

One bullet penetrated his side as he screamed out to his wife, who called the police and ambulance.

Due to the quick response of EMS services, Captain Kerr was rushed to hospital and after 5 hours of surgery, he is listed in critical but stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the PMH.

Captain Kerr had just attended a meeting discussing a march against crime.  He did not dream he would be a victim.

Shocking information coming into BP confirms violent crimes are far more shocking than reported. Sources in the OPM tell us, murder in the capital alone has increased by almost 70% since last year.

And while waters go off, light off, BTC and Cable present disruptions, mass unemployment slaughter and crime reek havoc on the society, Papa and James Curling weekly sails on the July Rock gone fishing.


  1. Judy Mott, I’m standing with you. I pray that God will soften the hearts of the people living throughout The Bahamas. Pray that he will remove the scales from their eyes, just like He did for Saul(now Paul).I pray that we as a nation will repent, and seek Him. For if one had done it God would have saved that city. God destroyed it, because they did not want to turn away from their sin. For those who have spoken out against the Bible, I pray that you would just try a short prayer, what do you have to lose – nothing, but everything to gain. Love as Christ, loves us.

  2. Lord help this country! Lord protect this country! Lord this world needs you now more than ever! Every pray…The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want….

  3. I have been calling on this site for decisive leadership in regards to our Crime problem and the silence is deafening.When the riots broke out in the UK this week it was heartening to see that Prime Minister Cameron calling out the criminals responsible for the mayhem.Since our political Governing Leaders love to copycat everything English,I anxiously await them following the lead of PM Cameron.Failure to do so tells me and others that they are cowards and should resign forthwith.

  4. BP you are on the ground when others dont have a clue. Mr Kerr is in fact the Worshipful Master of St. James Lodge #3. He had just returned home from a lodge function. Lets pray for the return to health for a most worthy brother. Keep on keeping us informed BP.

  5. to mr Kerr and his family. i pray that the Lord will give you the peace , that only he can give. and sir may you get well and be in great health. lot asked the Lord would he saved the city for one righteous person. he said yes. but there was no righteous found. i know. there are a few righteous people in the Bahamas.come on prayer warriors do not just pray to pray. pray till something happens

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