Career criminal recently released after serving a 14-year sentence returns to jail after stealing $22K in the Berry Islands…

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| Someone’s bad child aka robber who loves jail more than money has found himself locked once again behind bars after being arrested in the Berry Islands. 

Tyson “SNAKE” Smith is a big thief, who stole some $22,181 from White Waters Shop, Restaurant and Bar in Bullocks Harbour, Berry Islands. The funds were the possession of White Waters Enterprises.

The money was stolen on January 9th and hidden in a safe locked away in three blue pouches.
Smith confessed to the crime of breaking and stealing and was remanded until his sentence this week. Police only recovered $20,000. The outstanding amount vanished like Houdoini.

The career criminal had previously spent some 14 years in Fox Hill locked away for stealing and rape. He was just recently released from FOX HELL!

We report yinner decide!