Child dead in bucket as mother recovers at PMH from depression

file photo.

Nassau, Bahamas — A baby boy was found dead in a bucket in a home nearby Quarry Mission Road.

Family members entered the home of a woman now in hospital and discovered the dead child while cleaning the house. The discovery was made by a sister of the mother.

We are told the child was found in in the bathroom area of the rental unit. The 31-year-old mother is believed to have given birth to the child in the home sometime before early Friday morning when the discovery was made.

Reports are the women went to PMH earlier after experiencing labour pains but was sent home by medical staff who failed to serve her. The mother is suffering from depressing after the father left her for another gal!

CFAH has offered several resources for mothers dealing with a similar loss and looking for CBD products to ease anxiety and depression related to the traumatic event.

Police are investigating.


  1. Its easy to read a story and cast judgement on someone you dont know. If you havent walked a mile in someone elses shoes becareful how you judge them(Cause you dont know whos judging you, obviously). Not because you learnt some values, means it was taught to the ppl around you. There will always be greater and lesser persons than ourselves. So before you judge, Help!!! Your offences may not be as great as the next persons own but Im dam sure you have something your ashamed of. Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone.

  2. Ya know I does see these poor-ass gals walking up and down the road, toting three and four lil dirty-looking kids, and oh Lord, my heart is go out to them children.

    How the hell can you bring a child into this world and don’t have a phukin red cent to rub together to buy the child milk let-alone diapers and clothes.

    I need to ask the good Lord for forgiveness, but I wish a dam big dump-mac-truck roll over that woman azz twice and a third time for good measure to give them other five (5) kids a shot at life.

    She is a wicked wicked wicked beast. She is in the same category of that gal who was shacking up with six (6) young kids in one dirty-azz house. How the hell the hospital and/ or the government allowing this chit to happen. God help me, but someone need to shot-gun blast these wicked baitches rite in the head. Or tie their tubes.

    God, some of these women in the same boat as dog in heat.

  3. The ex-boyfriend had to know what this woman was going through. I am sure she would have expressed to him how this situation were affecting her. You would be surprise to know how many other girls and women he have done the same thing to, some of them might have been able to handle it, but not everyone is going to be strong alike. I am sure if he had guaranteed this woman that he would do his best to be a father to that baby if he were in fact the father, she might have thought twice before killing that baby. Two to one, she might have always been aware that he wasn’t nobody from the start and didn’t mind the relationship ending, but her problem might have been she was worried about being stuck with a child and not having the means to take care of it by herself. This is why she should have kept her legs close or take some type of contraceptive measure that would have prevented a situation like this from occurring. This baby suffered, because of two irresponsible adults. This really was not called for. What makes it worst, I could see if this woman was a teenager and didn‘t know any better, but she is a grown woman, you would think she should have had some idea what she was up against. If she wasn’t dealing with the rejection too well and was experiencing thought about killing the baby, why didn’t she contacted Sandra Dean Patterson or talk with a pastor? There is even a hotline for person who are going through distress, why didn‘t she use it? Wasn’t there any one in her family she could have reached out to before taken such drastic actions? Doesn’t she have any friends or anyone who cared enough about her who could have prevented her from doing this? While I am trying to understand and may feel sorry for her, because I realize depression is a sad state to be in, this baby did not deserve to die and this woman needs to be held accountable for her actions. She didn’t have to keep the baby, there are other options, she could have easily put it up for adoption, there so many couple who could have afforded to take care of that child and give it a loving home, who are not able to have one of their own. Who knows the father might have even changed mind after the baby’s birth or other family members and friends may have stepped in to help her with the child. Sometimes, we are just looking at things on the surface, but sometime situation changes or may not be as bad as it appears.

  4. I believe I can sell beach-sand to some of these gals in Nassau. Why the hell you letting a ninja have sex with you without a condom. Worse yet, you broke and hustling, and could barely find 65 cents for sardine, or a dollar brekfus, yet you making love raw-dog style, producing babies that you have absolutely no rite producing. The cops need to take her backside out in the field and dam execute her backside for stupidity.

    This country have too much stupid women per capita. Too dam much.

    • I can sense that you angry, but we must not be so judgemental what we need to be is our brothers keeper. This is what I have observe through my experiences people around you would see you going through tribulations and before we speak to the person we talk about them behind their backs. We need to show LOVE. Really thats what we need!

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