China Sources give BP inside scoop on Bain and Stuart’s frequent trips to the ORIENT!


NASSAU| So… we have asked Lincoln Bain and Cassius Stuart – aka DA COUPLE – for weeks now to advise us on who compensated them for their travels to CHINA on a sex mission to the Orient. 

Now we were not going to get in THE COUPLE’s business, but, after one accused the other of being Lucifer and LIKING MAN, we at BP could not help but pay attention to the jealous row.

Our discussions with ASIAN counterparts revealed some shocking details about Bain and Stuart, who we now know were once good traveling buddies. 

Before Bain’s shoe company mysteriously went up in flames on Mackey Street, sources in China tell us “da couple” frequented China together in multiple trade missions. The idea behind the trips was to engage interested local businessmen and women to invest in the potential of China and create a market for products.

But what really went down in China between Bain and Stuart is still puzzling. Bain’s story suggests he was sleeping in the villa bed alone when his aide woke him up to tell him something interesting was happening at the pool.

Bain said when he went to the pool he found his partner (Stuart) at the pool with “A MAN” (his words not ours)!

Bain said the discovery was so traumatizing for him that it caused him to moved out the villa that same night. We at BP often remind the reading public that Lincoln Bain works for Hubert Minnis and welcomes a denial. BOTH find speaking the truth a difficult task!

But why would Lincoln Bain be upset to see Stuart at a pool with a man? WHY CATCH FEELINGS OVER THAT!? Were they lovers? Or was this a real business trip? What would cause Bain to act so erratic and hastily vacate the Villa he and his partner (Stuart) shared? Was it jealousy? Mind you Stuart could a been luring in a new client –  after all – they were in China to do business. Sex was just the side game.

Stuart’s half side of the story is that he is shocked by the attack on him by Bain. He said they had a good friendship and that Bain often visited his home and knew his family! 

Now yinner must know BP is speaking far less than what we know, but this story is long enough for now and we ga leave the rest of the juice for later. 

What really went down in China between Lincoln Bain and Cassius Stuart? After all, we know they both work for the Free National Movement – just on two opposite ends of the party. But this ga be long!

Who funded the trip to CHINA for Bain and Stuart? KEEP READING!

We report yinner decide!