Davis Cabinet Shuffle is expected to be announced this week…

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC MP

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC MP is expected to make announce his Cabinet this week. 

BP sources deep inside the Cabinet Room tell us PM Davis is now complete with his adjustments and should make a formal announcement of his plans to realign his Executive team this week. Wednesday is a possible target date for that big announcement. 

We are also hearing with a shuffle of Cabinet will come sweeping changes on Boards and Permanent Secretaries to support these new adjustments. 

PM Davis is getting ready to invoke a plan to align his Government for the political season early in the second year of his Government. 

PM Davis led a crushing defeat on the Minnis Government leaving the opposition with just seven seats in Parliament. Upcoming changes and modernizations at the Parliamentary Registration Department clearly signal this shuffle is Davis’ plan to fine-tune his government leading into 2026.

We report yinner decide!