Could Branville take the FNM Leadership? YES HE CAN!


Branville McCartney – Servant Leadership? from C. Allen Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. to all of the comments posted, When we vote for a candiate and they then become an MP what are we looking for? RESULTS and Mr McCartney has done just that. It does not matter what anyone thinks of him weather PLP or FNM we need someone that gets the job done and works as a public servant, someone who has more Bite than Bark.I would gladly stand in the hot sun and vote for Mr.McCartney and any other man or woman that “does the job”

  2. @ Bamboo Childres……Shame on you!! I can’t believe you would say such things….

    And if what he is doing is do ordinary…..why aren’t more mps doing it…..

  3. Altec my friend if Tommy is at the helm the FNM will never be the government. Tommy couldn’t win his seat in Mt. Moriah in 2002 as leader along with his deputy Foulkes (the duo of Bevis and Butthead).Do you think the FNM will ever again allow him to lead? The FNM’s only hope is the likes of Mr. McCartney and Mr. Desmond Bannister as a strong deputy,the time is long gone for who was there first or who is senior in the party.WE NEED LEADERS in this country! And for Mr. Symonette who cares if he cuts a cheque or not? He is one single person. The party wants to win and if most of the delegates are feeling Mr. McCartney thats what it will be. Yes Mr. Symonette has the money but when the smoke clears the winner takes it all my friend and the way its looking all the judges scorecards are in favour of Mr. McCartney the dark horse who will dethrone Mr. Ingraham, ask any sensible FNM delegate or general not a Ingrahamite!

  4. As i have stated over and over, Branville will not be the next leader of the FNM. That post was promised to Tommy as a result of him “stepping aside” when Papa came back.

    Branville can put his name in the ring for deputy, but not for leader. He doesnt have the backing by the main power factions in the FNM, and thats just the truth. You think Brent will cut a check for the party with Branville at the helm right now?

    But if i was Branville i wouldnt seek the leadership post yet because it doesnt matter who the leader of the FNM is come 2012, the FNM will be booted out of office. So he could skip that cut hip.

    He needs to offer himself for the deputy spot. Win that first, then make your move before the 2017 general elections.

  5. Why are we so afraid as people to let go. Mr. Ingraham’s career is about to come to a bitter end. Stop holding on to the reigns of power, move aside and bow out gracefully to Mr. McCartney who will by far make better decisions as opposed to you who runs a “Communist Style” of governance. We cant stop time and when the leadership race comes it will be so embarrasing to see you exit the political arena at a all time low, someone who lost to a youthful political newcomer.

  6. Again Thomas, I never brought up PLP, you did, I am not a PLP, I am a citizen of this country, we did not need these road works now, the out island should be up in arms, for the amount of money that is wasted every year on New Providence roads, even though the money is going out of the country and into Mr. Symonette’s family coffers again, you smile as if your palms are being greased, like Denise said, you all who love the punishment enjoy your fetish, but as for me, I’ll stay smart and hang on to the little I have and watch the markets, the FNM has worked nothing, but disaster in this country, I am highly disappointed in the direction this country has been heading in, one man governs this country, and one group is governing him, so who is the real leader in this Bahamas.

  7. Awakened. Denise. Finley. I concur.Branville has no substance. He will be eaten alive at convention, if there is one. The dagger is already in Branville’s back now,because there will be no convention.

  8. The road works are needed; that East Street, Bamboo Boulevard junction has been a nightmare for decades. The FNM government has worked wonders. Go online and see the drastic austerity measures taken by the west. Huge cuts in spending and the civil service.

    You can see and feel what the FNM government is doing with the money that it has borrowed. What did the PLP do with the 800 million that it borrowed in 5 years? T’ief it! I have no choice but to as an Independent voter, but to vote for Papa, next time. And, if Papa passes laws to give title to generation land, then I will sing and shout while marking my X…

  9. Yes so true Thomas, but here is where we part ways, yes the world in in recession, but spending stupidly, and then having to lump huge taxes on your citizens has nothing to do with the recession, building and repairing another set of roads in New Providence(a waste!!), we don’t need this now, in your own house, you wouldn’t borrow for what you can do without for now, and focus on what is more important(food, water, light), not take out millions of the peoples monies to assist the Arawak Cay container port families, and many other retarded things like giving all the millions for Miss Universe, and we get nothing out of it, our Tourism in still in the dumps, no matter what the lying Minister tries to spin, no you do without until times are better, Denise is right, ….HAI has lost it, and that makes those who were fooled in 2007, now go out looking for lesser intelligent leadership, and calling it steak, when it’s really corn beef, and let’s stop the spin, there are a lot of countries out there who are not in recession, just go online everyone and read, only the WEST is in problem.

  10. Very nice post Denise, but I said that Ingraham’s contributions to debate are elegant…nothing about his looks, or demeanour, otherwise… The whole world is hurting, not just the white businessmen. Real estate has gone flat, and that was a huge contributor to our coffers, especially land bought for US dollars by foreigners…

  11. I agree with all those who wonder what Bran has shown so far that makes so many people favour him for leadership. Nothing but his looks and charm! I have listened to him, and he is not too can get very far with bright skin and good hair in this country and he’s proof of that!
    Also the problem is that the FNM has no other appealing candidates, except Minnis, and he doesn’t seem to be vying for leadership, so the FNM have no other choice, because the majority of people can’t stand Laing and they see Tommy as weak.
    Oh, and about Hubert’s decisions being ‘elegant’…is that writer insane? No one can claim anything about Hubert is ‘elegant’ -that man is a bull, and only people who like to be subdued and told what to do and what to like, would appreciate a man like Hubert.
    Does anyone see, really see, the state this country is in, now under Hubert? Even the white businessmen are complaining…and they put him in. I want to laugh at them for being so gullible, but I in the same boat, although I on the lower deck so I might sink sooner!

  12. Oh yes so true media, but once again what has he done?, HAI was in charge of National Insurance, Mortgage Corp., and many more govt. departments, he did a fantastic job as a rookie, no lie, he was a take control kind of guy, he was tutored under LOP, so where is the comparison?, he was booted out and rose from the ashes, so then Bran needs to be booted out and let’s see where he rises to, not this self appointed campaign his cronies are launching,there is more to being a leader than just talk, that speak it into being stuff, is why we are why we are, IN TAX HELL!!!, with no vision for this country, and on the Obama thing, money got him that election, not great ideas, watch the stock market and the FED financial reports, and we see can who these guys are truly working for, tell Branville to get off his duff, and speak truth to power and not fluff, then I could back him 100%, we need a leader that truly cares for the Bahamian people and country and not his own EGO!!!!.

  13. You would also remember Willard there was a man who was FIRED from his party [PLP] hired by the FNM and became leader of this country in one shot. All challenges to the political establishment do not end in failure. The same example could be given to the political newcomer Barack Obama. From a non-delegate at the democratic Convention to the leader of the democratic Party.

    Change can HAPPEN! WE NEED CHANGE…We shold just BE BRAVE!


  14. My Advise to Mr. McCarthney, akon solos do not survive in Bahamian or any political system. check the record, Dupuch is bitter, John McCain the maverick is switching political positions, BJ Nottage is a political has been, sucking up to Mr. Christie.

    My suggestions to you is simple, get within the main stream of your party and run against Brent Synomette for Deputy Leader. Hands down you will win and then you and Hurbert will beat the paints of the vision less PLP.

    As Hurbert rides out into retirement in the years ahead, you will then be the FNMs hero and the country will embrace you fully, right now you are simply believing your own political propaganda.

  15. Branville. You have done nothing but smile for the camera. Thanks to the Internet you can take a few photos and everybody can see. What’s your next event? Oh don’t forget the camera. What counts is what you do when people aren’t looking. A couple of precious jewels shots in front of the barbeque and you are ready for Prime minister. Please don’t make me puke. Plus you want gambling. You can’t see in the bible where it says don’t gamble like the bible is minute-by-minute instruction manual. You see what you wanna see. Get the big picture. That’s the picture you need to concentrate on in your life. Which constituency church you visiting this Sunday? Great Show! Anyway I live in Bamboo. We have had enough photos and birthday emails. Here is some good advice. Don’t do the obvious. What you need to do is make the right difference on the issues. Gambling is a good one to start on. You look like you could be a real good Perry Christie FNM leader. You have to please everyone use a lot of big words for an hour and say nothing. You aren’t David because you are friends with Goliath.

  16. I am sill trying to figure out what Branville McCartney has done that excites a small minority because he has done nothing different from any other Minister who sat in the dept. of Immigration.

    What did he do at Tourism – I guess you guys forgot he had a short stint at Tourism.

    Leadership maybe in another 5-10 years in the FNM if he could get pass the Turnquest, Foulkes and Bethels.

  17. youll must be drunk this man doesnt have the support of the fnm version of the stalwart so this is much to do about nothing he gave up when he faced pappa and ery body and dey ma know pappa does deal with unruley ministers ask allen wells and dupuch dats the thing about supporting a oneman show you have to take the good with bad there is no external input just summary decisions

  18. I agree with Awakened. He did his job and nothing more. Just don’t see that “grit” in him to tackle the lamentable problems in this country. Heard him on lincoln bain’s show. A caller asked specifically what will he do to tackle our problems. He beated around the bush, laughed with Lincoln, and never answered the question. Seemed nervous about the question and frankly at a lost to answer it. After that I knew he’s NOT the right person.

  19. WOW!!!, how far this debate has come from I first posted, my question has not been answered yet, what has Mr. McCartney done, what has he said that is so prolific, if Mr. McCartney goes to the public, on air, online, newspaper editorials and speak to Immigration and what he would do, to the state of the nation, then I would be impress, he’s not in the Cabinet, so there is no gag order on him, he should show that is a man and not just a go along FNM, if he doesn’t step up and tries to sneak into the PM post, that’s not man action, speak ya mind Bran, if there is anything in it.

    Just because someone is younger does not make them better, I think someone like Dr. Dexter Johnson from the NDP is a person with great ideas and he believes in Bahamianization, he because in Bahamians first, there are many good leaders out there, besides the obvious choices everyone picks out, Bran has dollars and he’s using his funds to keep his name in the game(like Brave), being a good MP does not make you a good or great leader, running behind anyone just because we are looking for a saviour, is what has us in the position we are in right now, don’t fall for it like Bahamasyouth and speaking of that idiot Bahamasyouth, I am not a PLP dude, so grow up, I thought you were not gonna show up on BP anymore after you were slapped around and quartered of this site, I am surprise to see your dribble back here again, stick to the point and stop trying to throw cheap shots, like I’m doing right now, but you started it.

  20. Great possibilities exist for a person like McCartney but like Tommy T he would be unable to win if he challenges PAPA.The Council of the FNM are the ones who called for the return of PAPA and like the Council in the PLP the majority are likely to be diehard supporters of PAPA.This is my reminder to FNMs,it is still going through growing pains and being a collection of UBPs,NDPs and Free PLPs the binding is still incomplete.I laugh at many pundits who regularly contribute here to finally admit that PAPA is not trusted to lead the FNM in the next Gen Elects as there is complete dissatisfaction in his able to bring home the bacon.Whether you like it or not it is still Christies election to lose and despite the many daggers placed in the man,s path the couintry is ready to vote PLP,PLP regardless of who leads the FNM.


    • Scieska, great men have the ability to recognise talent in others. Laing is very talented. He is a much better Politician than Tommy or McCartney. Laing has taken on giants in contests, and slaughtered them. Buy the DVD, and watch Laing go up against James Smith, Lynden Nairn, Frank wilson, and others (programmes produced by the Councilors).Laing is thorough, prepared, knowledgible, and always goes to the heart of the matter. You Bahamians like ting and fluff too much (and colour and good hair)…

  22. If Branville wins the FNM’s leadership. Perry and the PLP will wipe the government off the map. Perry is a Political Titan and can only be beaten by a Titan (Ingraham). Ingraham himself will have a problem beating Perry and the PLP in this upcoming election. McCartney if he leads the FNM will bring about a loss to the FNM that has never been seen he is not READY!

  23. Ok Brother Finley, I’m calm now. You get no argument from me that Ingraham’s leadership is legendary. I’m no young turk, but I am looking beyond his leadership right now. I believe that the country is looking beyond it as well. Who, then, on either side of the political divide, is best suited to lead the country beyond 2012. I think that McCartney’s name must be in that mix. I also believe that Laing, Fitzgerald and (believe it or not) Ryan Pinder are also suitable candidates. Now if you seek legends like Sir Lynden and Ingraham, your not going to find it in this bunch. Another legend is, at best, a generation away.

  24. Yes he can do it…..The FNM had a leadership crisis the last time Hubert tried to retire….this time I really feel like Branville could get the position….because Tommy T is not with me…..and the rest just ain’t cutting it…..there are no strict guidelines for ascending to leadership because look at Hubert…where he come from?? and went on to become the best leader the FNM had…..this leadership thing is up for grabs…I look forward to the convention……

  25. A wise man would put his head down and do the best job that he can, a-la Bannister, Laing, and Minnis. Let your work speak for you. Just a few months ago, we were ready to skewer Des Bannister, now he is our favourite!

  26. Eagle, do not get excited. No man is an Island. If McCartney is viewed as the best man to win for the FNM, I am certain that they will throw Ingraham and Tommy overboard in a flash. As a backbencher, Ingraham’s contributions were always substantive, thorough, and elegant. As Minister, Ingraham was legendary. The late great LOP had to admit that Ingraham was his most illustrious protege. McCartney is a chump compared to Ingraham. I listen to his contributions and they are mostly vacuous drivel, in-artfully delivered.

  27. We ask for new blood in leadership, but when a young energetic leader comes along, we lament that he hasn’t proven himself as yet. It’s the same argument that the Obama detractors used during the Presidential campaign in the U.S. McCartney has proven himself to be an excellent representative for his constituents – he has the people’s interest at heart. He has discharged his functions as a minister admirably – he is competant. Either we want a fresh, new energetic leader or we want a party-line, career politician who works his way to the leadership of his party. If you want the career politician, then stop complaining when the party delegates send Christie and Ingraham as standard bearers. Christie and Ingraham are “entitled” to be leaders of their respective parties based on seniority in politics.

  28. I have to disagree with Finley and Awakened.Mr. McCartney if given the opportunity can win the leadership of the FNM, Mr. Ingraham knows this and fears it the most. A newcomer to frontline politics Mr. McCartney displays the leadership all MP’s should follow including his party leader. When the FNM leadership race comes around Mr. McCartney’s defining moment will be cutting down a political giant bringing Mr.Ingrahams career to a bitter end and taking the FNM to a new era for a new generation. Mr Ingraham knows very well he cannot beat Mr. McCartney in a leadership race and may step down as leader to avoid the embarrasment and say its his age as to why he is stepping down, LOL.I applaud Mr. McCartney for his efforts with the Immigration Department who has worked so diligently with this vexing concern. I pray your successors be it FNM or PLP tackle this concern just as you did in order to keep the Bahamas for Bahamians. To Mr. Ingraham run and run fast little David’s (Mr. McCarteny) stone is in his sling.

    • They are just die hard PLP’s who dont like competition. Only one person can really shake up Mr. McCartney and its Davis. They still support weak leadership.

  29. Based on what evidence? Is McCartney popular among the power brokers of the FNM? I have seen no evidence of this. McCartney refuses to submit to the Leadership of his Party. Who would want someone like that in their Organisation? His best bet is to run as an Independent. he would win his seat, but he will never lead any of the two major Partys.

  30. Name one significant thing that Mr. McCartney has done, one idea that stands out, yes he looks after his constituents and I commend him and his team for that, but as a Minister, he did what any other Immigration Minister would do, catch Haitians,(Loftus Roker, Shane Gibson etc.), nothing special there, he is in the same political circle as the other(FNM’s and PLP’s) they are all working for the special interest groups and not for those who voted for them, I see this public campaigning exercise that Branville is running as a way to get in through the back door, tell him to go to the FNM stalwart council, this is like Brave Davis’s convention ads, all fluff and no substance, they kick out a lot of money on ads and hope it sticks, give a few people some money(campaign generals), we need leaders that put the small man first in trying to own a piece of this country, y’all stop pissin’ on the Bahamian people head and then tell them it’s raining, if McCartney wants this he needs to come with substance and not just a smile, talk is why we are in the state we are in right now, running this country ain’t no joke, we cannot afford a George Bush, Tommy Turnquest type right now or at any point, we need someone with real ideas and the stamina to carry them out, and not wimp out in the end.

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