Customs Officer stationed at the North Eleuthera Airport leaves female guest in tears!


Where we does find some of these people who want burn-up the GOLDEN EGG LIKE THE COURTS?

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is calling on authorities to look into an incident at the North Eleuthera airport where a guest visiting there was harassed to tears by a female Customs Officer.

Sources on the ground tell us they believe the female officer has a loose screw and is know for hurling nasty and insulting remarks at guests to the island.

Last week one female who regularly comes to the island to spend her money was harassed to tears after an intensive search was done.

Now we at BP have no problem with Customs exercising their duties, but we believe some of the persons dealing with guests should take their medication – otherwise keep them in the office and not at the inspection counter.

Guests come to the Bahamas to spend their money…not to be harassed! STOP IT!

We report yinner decide!