Da Coalition of IDIOTS -SPONSORED BY MINNIS – set to march on Parliament again! WATCH THIS NAH!


NASSAU| So once again Hubert Minnis’ band of Coailition of Idiots, which flew to Florida a few weeks ago to disguise themselves as political victims, are at it once again. 

This time the Idiots are deciding to March on Parliament to suggest they are marching against crime and violence. What do they want Parliament to do this time?

As a matter of fact, perhaps the new protest would be better served if they march on the Courts which grant all the bail to the criminals being gunned down in droves on our streets – but we digress. 

Possibly if the Idiots should look among themselves. There would be a few criminals in their midst whose sons and daughters face bail and jailtime for committing crimes in the country, but they will not march on these criminal families, grooming and blooming these evil-minded gun-running kids now wreaking havoc around the world! 

Perhaps they are marching on Parliament to have discussion with a politician charged before the courts for THIEFIN! 

But we are so “capunkleup” in this country that the same charged politician would be in the march and we would forget the seriousness of the crimes he faces. 

The problem of crime STARTS IN THE HOME! We have never seen one government or Parliament which gave birth to a child, and this is where these protests have misplaced their focus. it’s yinner bad wutless no-good churrin which is causing the problems around here and Swift Justice is dealing with them!

The Coalition of Idiots led by an idiot could not attract one media house in the United States to report their lies and badmouth the Bahamas!

ANYWAY we ga report and let yinner decide!