“Da man with the big truck, coming through”!


Dear Mr. Editor,

I decided that i would not say a word or write a line as i watched the Junkanoo Carnival Comittee struggle to salvage an attempt at an inaugural event in the Bahamas!

The other shoe has fallen and i think at this late stage they may have done just that.

I confess, i did not know where the comittee was going with names such as Janet Jackson, Rhianna or Usher.

But, Machel Mantana ” the man with the big truck” – this is a winner!.

For carnival revelers this is certainly going to be a treat.

Sir, I was present when he graced the stage in Port of Spain, Trinadad singing the song “I’m too young to soca!” – the rest is history around the world.

The man with the big truck, as he is known, having won numerous road march and monarch crowns over the last twenty years, is coming to town.

Bahamen, ya better get ready!  This is going to be rough!

Yours truly,

Tony Ferguson