Dame Ivy abandoned by aide assigned to her by The Government! Is this CORRUPTION?


Minister with responsibility for aides to former Governors General must investigate the alleged abandonment of Dame Ivy Dumont while aide collects his government pay and the pay from his second job using the Government assets!

Assigned government aide takes car assigned to Dame Ivy Dumont to his second LIL GENERAL’s job on East Street every day without fail. BP have been investigating all week!

Nassau – Bahamas Press has opened an investigation into abuse of the Government’s assets deployed around the country and today we get our first leg of information right at the door of the former Governor General Dame Ivy Dumont.

BP has learn that the first female to be appointed Governor General of the Bahamas is not being properly guarded and protected by the service department which is assigned to her and we ask why.

BP has learned the aide assigned to the Dame, rather than go to his assigned government task and guard and protect the former Queen’s Representative, goes to his job at Lil Generals on East Street South every day.

We invite members of the public to examine the facts and pass the area for the next five days and tell us what you see. The aide, who drives the government issued vehicle assigned for Dame Ivy, L# AG5277, daily, drives to his side job, where he is posted as a security within the establishment!

Daily, we walked inside the store and watched the public officer sit at his post in the store while the public pays him public money to protect and aid Dame Ivy.

Sometimes you must wonder how come people get away with these things for years? This is just another example of ‘dutty’ abuse of the taxpayers hard earned money!

Will the government assign a new aide to Dame Ivy? Or will they talk about corruption and allow the current aide to keep getting paid by the taxpayers while not serving a lick?

We ga report and let yinner decide!

More to come!

Aide to Dame Ivy employed with LIL GENERALs and takes her government assigned vehicle on his job!