Davis New Day Cabinet set to move the Bahamas to greater prosperity and hope!

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC MP

NASSAU| Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC MP has now named his new Cabinet changes and the takeaways prove Davis is aligning his government to transition from crisis management following the COVID-19 pandemic to Governance in a normal environment.

Davis clearly has confidence in his Ministers and has reset his team to move full steam ahead in his midpoint.

Clearly in his selection to elevate two new Ministers Jomo Campbell and Pia Glover Rolle, proves Davis is positioning fresh leadership at the executive level, passing greater responsibility to a new generation of leaders. This is good. 

Two years in and the country is moving quickly in the right direction under Davis Leadership. There is a rapidly growing economy. Tourism is experiencing a prosperous season of Boom. Jobs are everywhere while the minimum wage has increased and from the unions to public servants – all are singing a choir of praise in Davis’ leadership!

It is a new day for businesses all across the country with powerful investments and new opportunities for Bahamians.

Davis is proving himself to be the brand of politician Bahamians longed for for years. He is proving to be just what he told Bahamians years ago as he promised to exercise a government to govern all the time and not just at election time. Truly…. IT’S A NEW DAY!