Desmond Smith, 39, is the victim in that Sunday Gambier homicide!

39-year-old Desmond Smith

NASSAU| Bahamas Press can now confirm the male shot dead in the community of Gambier around 11 pm on Sunday to be 39-year-old Desmond Smith.

Smith had a stained past with run-ins with the law and at one point was committed to prison for drug offenses. Some say after leaving prison the last time he attempted to take a different path in life but his past was not easy to get away from. 

Police reported that when officers arrived on the scene in Gambier Heights, they found the victim lying outside a business.

Later a video began making its rounds on social media purportedly of the incident showing a large crowd, including motorcyclists. Approximately 10 seconds into that video what appear to be gunshots are heard and people are seen scattering from the scene.

Smith was pronounced dead. Recently. was recorded counting large sums of cash on a tick-tok video. Was this the cause of his death? We do not know!

We know Smith had lost a son and other relatives to gun violence but always insisted on his innocence of being a party to gun crimes.

Smith’s killing was the 14th murder for 2023.

We report yinner decide.