Douglas Brian Pratt arraigned for the death of ex-girlfriend Shande Cartwright


Douglas Pratt arraigned for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Shande Cartwright.

Nassau, Bahamas — Just as BP told ‘ya’, a day and a half later the people of the country witnessed the arraignment of 23-year-old, Douglas Brian Pratt. Pratt is the man who slaughtered, Shande Cartwright, on a desolate beach in Adelaide.

The 22-year-old ex-girlfriend and mother of Pratt’s children was left to die in the community after being fatally stabbed to death.

Pratt drove himself to the hospital on Monday evening leaving his children’s mother beaten and stabbed to death in the quiet community. He concocted a story telling police initially both he and his ex-girlfriend were attacked by two groups of men as they sat in a vehicle in the area. However, being the well-trained lawman he is, when Ellison Greenslade heard the case he went back into the area to take a second look at the crime scene. It was after that review, we understand, the police chief ordered officers to take a second look at the case, which subsequently led to the confession by Pratt.

Pratt, who resides on Jellyfish Lane, Yamacraw Estates, had requested a meeting with the deceased woman sometime around 9PM on the evening of the murder. He drove the young RBC employee out of the city where it is alleged he attacked her and left her to die.

Magistrate Gomez granted the accused medical attention during his arraignment yesterday and further ordered him remanded to Fox Hill Prison. He was not allowed to enter a plea.

Family on Long Island told BP, Pratt was very abusive to Shande during their years together, which led to their separation, despite just recently having a child together.

“We warned Shande over and repeated that Pratt was no good for her and that one day it will come to this. From what we know he often abused her, beating her blue during their rocky relationship. It didn’t have to come to this,” a close family member said.

Shande leaves behind two young children.


  1. she and him were my class mates from n.g.m. he was stupid from since i met him and had a problem. i was hurt when i heard the shocking news. she would of still been alive if she didnt went with him. he needs to be hang or killed.

  2. What have we come too? A breakdown in the morals of our society and in our homes. Who is raising these boys? (mothers) Who is teaching them how to be good men and role models? (should be their fathers) Why does there seem to be an increase in the number of abusive and obsessive men? I speak from experience; I got away from one and survived. Babies are killing babies. She is gone; his freedom is gone. Both families are hurt.Children are without parents. No one wins.

  3. Shande is gone, let’s pray for the family of both victim and culprit. Pray that Pratt will turn to the Father and speak to other immates about the Lord.

  4. This is truly sad. I do not know the victim or the accused, but crime is just getting too serious in our “little” country. The court system just seems to be catching itself to deal with all of the backlog cases, but if crime continues at this rapid rate it will create an even greater strain on the judicial system. I agree with Jerome that if the laws are on the books and it can be proven beyond a shod of a doubt that someone is guilty, then they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. As law abiding citizens we must not cloak LAWLESSNESS and turn a blind eye because these people are not our families. We have to send a message to these hardened criminals who just don’t give a damn! What about our innocent children and grandchildren. I don’t believe in the nasty slop buckets and thank God they have changed that, but as far as their diet is concerned, let them eat bread and water with little meat! Some of them are eating better that some of us who work an honest job! Let these suckers learn a lesson that Fox hill prison should not be made like “HOTEL CALIFORNIA.”

  5. It’s so sad that a young man had to end the mother of his children life. I wonder if he thought about his children and how they would be affected by this? “My dad murdered my mom.” It is so sad when someone decides to take another life when they are not the one responsible for giving life. Something seriously needs to be done in The Bahamas right away. We all need to come together all Islands especially New Providence and pray this evil spirit that lurks over our country which is destroying our young men in particular. In all my years, I have never heard about all these murders, roberries and sense less killings and suicides! What is going on in The Bahamas? A once safe haven? We can not enter 2011 in this way, something needs to be done! My prayers go out not just to the friends and family of Ms.Cartwright but to all of the families who have lost a loved one. Bring back hanging because people are not afraid of getting a life sentence in prison where they get three meals a day and no bills to pay.

  6. he is scum,you know what to do with scum? wipe it out,slaughter his ass,he is a poor excuse for a human being,and i dont want to hear that crime of passion bullshit either,hang his ass until his tongue drop to the ground,that lousy ass tommy turnquest needs to sort out this hanging issue,the buck stops with him the hell with the privy council,why after 37 years of independence,we still have to wait for those wigsy head tired ass old white dudes to make decisions for us?I am sure we have enough qualified bahamians to do that,we just sworn in anita allen and retired joan sawyer so the talent and experience is here.

    • I agree with Jerome. My gosh what is taking us so long to bring back hanging…if its too cruel them lets introduce the lethal injection…I will personally pay a tax to see these criminals get what they deserve. There are no consequences thats why these cold hearted suckers out there tearing up the Bahamas. Now they need to start attacking those who holding up on making the decision to bring back capital punishment and perhaps we will see something finally happen to move things forward.

  7. BP if he slaughtered her as you say in your first paragraph how come he is allged later on. If he drove himself then who was in the ambulance on Adelaide Road just after ten on the same night followed by a police car? Don’t sensationalise the story. The Punch has that role down pat

  8. Really does love make’s you kill? I dont care for him or what ever happen’s to him, My concern is those Kids who will grow up with out a mother and it’s becuse of there father

  9. I cant understand, if you love someone so much why cause them harm? Now 2 lil kids wont know mommy or daddy and will grow up learnin daddy killed mommy! Dont care what happens to him, my concern is those kids

    • I mean kill his children mummy dred. How could people let the devil fool them to be so ‘VICKED’!


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