Dr. Myles Munroe could offer for political leadership and form a coalition with the DNA


Now this is getting interesting!

Dr. Myles Munroe and Minister Fred Mitchell.

Nassau, Bahamas — Speaker of the Parliament decided to celebrate the life and work of his pastor and mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe, on Thursday in the House.

Perhaps we could only conclude that the presentation was not greeted well by the mean pressman of the PLP Fred Mitchell.

Both Dr. Munroe and Mitchell are now in the press over a bitter row as to who should step down from office and why.

As Mitchell left the precincts of the Parliament, some wondered if he was ‘haulin ass’ as Dr. Munroe rolled his troops into the House.

Mitchell told the press like Bone Crusher ‘I ain’t never scared’.

We’ve been examining this row and the more we ponder on this ‘DISTRACTION’ we realize something just ain’t right.

Dr. Myles lately has been inserting a number of published works on “Leadership”. He is a world leader, known across the planet. But is there a plot here for Dr. Munroe to run for political office?

Insiders tell us Dr. Myles has ambitions and some believe Mitchell senses those ambitions.

Bahamas Press can tell you Dr. Myles Munroe has been having regular meetings with right wing factions in the country and, in particular, with DNA leader Branville McCartney.

Dr. Myles, we can report, has been having regular Wednesday group meetings with his team, and some believe that team could form into some major political force.

Bahamas Press was curious about this violent spat of commentary back and forth between Mitchell and Dr. Myles. Now we are getting a clearer picture of the row and maybe, just maybe, this is more about power than about LGBT.

What a distraction.