Eager Students Begin College Life at COB


Hundreds attend COB Orientation Activities…

Chairman of The College Council Mr. Alfred Sears dances the wobble with students at the New Student Orientation welcome ceremony.

Nassau, Bahamas — Hundreds of high school graduates, attending New Student Orientation activities at The College of The Bahamas this week, are transitioning into a life of higher education.
The College has accepted almost 1,700 new students for the Fall 2013 semester, many of whom will complete their enrollment as freshmen at the institution’s campuses in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

At the official welcome ceremony, College Council Chairman Mr. Alfred Sears told the students that they are entering The College of The Bahamas at a time when changes are taking place, changes in which they should be involved.

“Your President, the President of COBUS, sits with me and the President and the Senior Team as part of the controlling mind of this institution, the Council of The College of The Bahamas. Therefore, what happens between now and 2015, you will help to determine that. And when you graduate, what will your degree say? It will say The University of The Bahamas,” Mr. Sears said.

News students chat with alumni and business professionals at the Business Village set up on the park at The College’s Oakes Field Campus.

College President Dr. Betsy Vogel-Boze shared practical advice with the students, like the value of maintaining class attendance, citing references when writing research papers and effectively speaking for themselves.

“I taught in the classroom at a university or college for over 30 years. I never once failed a student who had perfect attendance. I didn’t pass them because they had perfect attendance, they passed because they were there. They were present, they were engaged, they heard and they learned,” Dr. Vogel-Boze recalled.

For many people, entering higher education, could be a stressful and anxious, yet exciting experience. Garielle Roberts, who is enrolling into the Education programme, admitted to her freshman jitters.

“It is exciting and kind of scary at the same time. I am just worried about time-management. Once I can get that (under control), I think I will be fine,” she said.

Brandon Delancy, who aspires to own an accounting firm one day, is confident that The College will provide him with a solid academic foundation.

“I want to get a hands-on view of Accounting. I want to be able to experience it, understand it and learn more about it, so that when I get up there and I am ready to go to my business, I will be able to understand the field and work to the best of my abilities,” he said.

On Monday, the Oakes Field Campus came alive as hundreds of students converged on the park at the centre of the campus and were formally welcomed into the College community. The first day of New Student Orientation was marked by College officials sharing pertinent information on academic processes and campus life.

But the students also got a glimpse into the future as accomplished alumni in various industries spoke to their younger counterparts about industry expectations and future employment prospects. The Business Village was a new addition to this year’s orientation activities.

“We wanted to introduce the students to something they could look forward to once they earn their Bachelor’s degrees from The College of The Bahamas. They became familiar with the businesses that are here and began the road to securing their future,” said Omar Archer, Director of Campus Life.

Mr. Edwin Zephirin, Vice President of Human Resources at Atlantis Resort Paradise Island, was pleased with the connection that his company established with the students.

“It is also allowing us to plant in the mind of young people the jobs that are available at Atlantis, the hospitality industry. For some maybe graduating in a couple of years, as they go through their studies they remember Atlantis. [It is] not only for current needs, but also [for the] future,” he said.

For the rest of the week, students will complete their advisement, registration and bill payment. Classes are scheduled to begin at The College on Monday, August 26th.