Eleuthera resident dies in traffic fatality in the Current Eleuthera last evening…


Three other occupants were airlifted into the capital…Fatality victim is Aljami Pinder…

Aljami Pinder is latest fatality victim in Eleuthera.

Current, Eleuthera – Police in Eleuthera are investigating the circumstances surrounding a traffic accident that have left a man dead and three other men detained in hospital last night.

According to reports, around 10:30pm, a man was driving Honda Civic vehicle along a road in the Current, Eleuthera, accompanied three male passengers, when he lost control and veered several feet into the bushes, where the vehicle crashed.

One of the male passengers was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver along with the other two males were taken to the local clinic and later airlifted to New Providence, where they were admitted to hospital in stable condition.

A team of investigators from the Police Traffic Department in New Providence will travel to Eleuthera to assist in the investigations.

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