Ex-Police Walden Mitchell now a serial shooter on the run


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Bahamas Press can confirm police are now looking for an ex-police officer, Walden Mitchell, who was fired from the Force.

We can tell you his crime spree began last night when he gun butted a female. Officers spotted Mitchell early this morning at which time he opened fire shooting an officer in the jaw and damaged a police vehicle; which came under a hail of gunfire.

Meanwhile shortly after 7am ex-officer Mitchell was again spotted near the Commonwealth Bank in the Golden Gates Shopping Centre on Blue Hill Road South. There he shot a man and stole his tail motorbike.

We warn residents that Mitchell is armed and dangerous. Please do not approach this suspect. We caution residents to call the police if you see him.

BP can also confirm the wounded officer is now at Doctor’s Hospital preparing to undergo surgery to have a bullet removed from his jaw. BP offers our prayers and best wishes of a speedy recovery.

We implore the public to support the police and remove these menaces off our streets.


  1. How can a country judge a young black man when they really dont now him.I’m his aunt from the united states and I cant believe a country can judge a man before the facts. My nephew was a very smart young man who love and wanted to live life to the fullest. How could he be now a monster when once he was serving his country from drug dealers,murders etc. so know everyone wants to see him as a monster. Judge he not for you shall be judge also. I love my nephew and he will always be my little walden. I think that your country wanted him dead because they figure another black man off the streets. But trust me I will find out what really happened. if I have to send a lawyer from the United States because I know in my heart that your country wanted him dead. May God be with all yours souls that had something to do with his murder.

  2. the first step is for our adults to stop this PLP and FNM bull. None of these parties have done anything for us, hence we shouldnt be voting for any of them. Ever since our independence this country has been in a sink hole. We dont vote on people for their views or what they did in the past, we vote because their fnm or plp. We as black bahamian people fail to realise that we need help of foreigners for us to get back on the right track. the country is too small for their not to be some forms of corruption. Everyone knows everyone. We can also admit that we arent as educated and as advanced as we think we are and the heads of our country arent trying to educate themselves either. We dont even have a minister of technology and if we do he is a total failure… this starts at the root of the problem stop looking at the surface…

  3. the persons that are in charge of this country,(prime minister and his government) are year by year watching this sweet country of ours go to hell. criminals are running wild…. any joker could save a couple of hundred dollars and buy a gun….the guns are coming in our country somehow…. its the government/police to find out how and stop it…

    • Blackredemption and not only they are watching the country sink to new lows but Ingraham say he ga run again?



  4. @lady foreign presence on the force reduces coruption and partiality in law enforcement.in earlier years before independence the higher archy of the police force was british,no alligence to any Bahamian or Bahamian families.which meant junior officers were allowed to performed their duties,and in the same light they were required to performed their duties because their superiors were not here to make friends or gain favor none of these thing have any place in law enforcement!!! and i am a Bahamian a disgruntled one to!!!!!!

    • @chubb, you said it correctly… before independence! Back then we were under the British rule (eg. foreign company owns a company in The Bahamas and send their own people to manage at the top). It seems as if Mr. Looper wants other nationalitieS to join the police force – not give control or managerial rights to one particular country like the way it was before – so sounds like entry level. Allow a few of them to join and then what? they get married to a Bahamian and have Bahamian children and then what? We would be better off offering those jobs to our own. While we are at it, does that mean that we should hire them in the other government agencies where we have problems too? Corruption exists everywhere, we just need to be a bit more innovative in finding the control mechanisms to address the issues and move swiftly to address infractions. I am not happy about the current state either, but this is where we as Bahamians need to take responsibility and work together with the police and other agencies to make things better.

      • It is time for a change in The Bahamas! Everyone is complaining about the crime but nothing can be done until we come to the realization that in order for change to come about in The Bahamas we need to diversify areas such as the police force. Bahamians don’t want white leaders or leaders with a different background. Therefore, when i run ten stop signs, knock down two children, shoot five tourist, and blow up one island I will be a free woman because my cousin is the commissioner of police, my daddy is a big time judge, and I have ten cousins who are lawyers who will take my case on.

  5. BP, I can always rely on you for up-to-the minute information. One ting bout you, you always gat “Breaking News”. I stay on Bahamas Press!!!

  6. What i witnessed the other day in Bain Town was Unbelievable and i still can’t come to grabs with it,I was one who was first on the scene and stood over the young man dead on the ground,I knew the young man very well and can say that he was not troublesome nor was he a person who would have argued with the police to cause his demize. Commissioner while going to view the body had asked me to go along with him and i must say that i applaud him for the steps i see that he is taking to issues a change for the better for our country.
    When we were bringing the body of the young man out to place in the hurse there were rocks flying from every direction targetting police and any law official….they was no regard for Mr.Greenslade as he ducked for safety himself,it was a riot that went on for hours and it was not called for,Now any law enforcement vehicle that pass here at a certain time is targetted,We need more police on the force,What they are saying is that there is no money in the treasury to pay but there are many individuals who are willing to Volunteer their services but is being overlooked.

    • “I knew the young man very well and can say that he was not troublesome”

      you obviously didnt know him well enough, he was out on bail for a illegal firearm and ammunition.

  7. How can we keep living in fear? Isn’t it time for a change? These are two very important questions. When will we face the fact that crime on our island has become uncontrollable? We need to make our citizens and tourists feel safe. Let’s start at the top and work our way down. I know it’s hard to suggest this, but why not have other nationalities in our police force? Corruption needs to be a thing of the past. Then we can deal with enforcing the laws of this great country. Build a prison – employ people and lock up those that hurt us and our image abroad.

    • @ Hu Looper, are you Bahamian? How is having other nationalities in our police force going to combat crime and make Bahamians and visitors to our shores feel more secured?

      • Simple, one only need look at Grand Cayman to see an example. There is way less corruption inside the police force. I mean, let’s face facts if I were a police man (and they have a tough enough job already, as we can see in this past riot) and I pulled over my brother or pastor for speeding – would I write the ticket or just give a warning? This is a very simple example – but it leads to bigger things, like been able to safely walk to your car from a downtown restaurant without being shot, a drug deal that is “missed” , or a tourist that has her life changed forever by walking on the Beach at night. Will having other nationalities on our police force stop these things – no – but there will be more accountability and hopefully less favoritism. Like I said in my initial comment, this is just
        the start. Hopefully, it ends up with cleaner streets, more jobs and a better future for all Bahamians. Lady does bring up some important points though. Yes this is something we all must work on together. I do not think that having foreign nationals as some invasion force, but rather a chance for change. Maybe put a limit on the length of their duty. If they do meet a Bahamian spouse, great, but make the family live off island for a time after they are married. The most important step has been made, we are talking. We agree that there is a lot of corruption on the island, and no, not just our great police force, but we have to start somewhere, and what better place than the people we trust to protect us and the laws of our country.

  8. It is very clear this man is in some kind of “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” and he is taking it out on the wrong people. Whatever reasons he was fired for has to do with repressed baggage that never got taken care of! “This is serious”! The Police department that employed him needs to take responsibility and get him professional help that they should have done before his break down! He will have to face responsibility for what he has done but usually punishment comes first then therapy if at all!

  9. thank you for your accurate information, the officer that was shot was is a brave young officer who has less than four years service. He is eager to serve his country and a brave heart. My prayers go out to his safe recovery.

  10. this is what some people want to see, a country that is lawless and no respect for law and order. Two persons shot one a policeman trying to give justice to a person he doesn’t even know and is willing to put his life on the line for. this is the same thing that happen in bain town the other day the only difference is the criminal shot the police is this what we want to happen, at the end of any day the police just want to return home to thier family safe.

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