FNM 2023 Convention set to be Cancelled!

Fight to control the ground deep inside the FNM between Minnis and Pintard is on.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning the leadership of the Free National Convention is set to cancel its 2023 National Convention.

The party, which suffered a crushing defeat in the 2021 General Elections, still has yet to get its act together despite handing the leadership over to a younger, more competent leader.

FNMs tell BP the leadership is absent and in just two years must change! BUT TO WHAT?!

BP understands Incompetent Authority was up in Andros a few weeks ago campaigning like a man who has lost his mind. The FNM does not want him to ever return. But that is not stopping Hubert Minnis from taking over the party and returning to the top of the opposition.

Sources close to Bahamas Press tell us a letter has already been drafted by teams connected to Minnis to send to the New GG Cynthia Mother Pratt. 

Pratt is a good friend of Minnis and, if what we know is true, Pintard could lose his position as Opposition Leader.

Pintard was absent at the National Fair of the FNM. He was absent at the Demitting of Office for C. A Smith and absent at the Induction Ceremony to swear in the new Governor General Cynthia Mother Pratt. 

Sources in the FNM tell BP, “Ya cannot be absent for the FNM but present for the PLP!”

Meanwhile, Minnis was in North Andros while his funded Coalition of Idiots was campaigning in South Andros. And get this: more residents showed up for the Coalition of Idiots than the Idiots following Minnis.

Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham warned Minnis that he would never ever see leadership in the Bahamas again. But that is not stopping Minnis who believes he is more popular than sliced bread!

This ga be interesting and the FNM struggles to pay staff!

We report yinner decide!