FNM Operative and former PM Minnis bodyguard who is a police caught in robbery while on patrol…

ASP Omar Mackey

NASSAU| A senior ASP, Omar Mackey, heading up an inner-city Urban Renewal Centre will lose his job as a career officer sometime this week after he along with two officers made a routine patrol stop on a businessman last week and was caught taking some $90,000 from the businessman.

Mackey lead the search on the vehicle thinking the legit businessman was involved in something nefarious. The businessman vehicle was search, and rather than inquire the details of the funds the senior officer confiscated money, then told the businessman to leave the scene. WHAT A CRIME!

Now dangerous police intel and dangerous police technology captured the incident and rather then officers deliver the funds to high command to report the stop, the senior officer called up another vehicle to collect the funds while he proceeded in for a briefing following a complaint (Without the funds in his patrol vehicle).

Later the funds was recovered and all three officers have been placed on leave while an investigation into this incident is conducted. 

The Senior ASP Mackey was once a former aide to a former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and is a vibrant convert to current FNM leader Michael Pintard. He is a known operative deep inside the camp of the FNM, and look how being corrupt has cost him his job. 

BP’s deep investigative branch has uncovered this incident which up to this publication has been kept quiet quiet in the circles of HIGH COMMAND.

We know that the Commissioner of Police, who has demanded ZERO Tolerance to criminal behaviours by officers will act quickly on this incident. 

Well what is dis?!

We report yinner decide!