FNM Woman's Association Victory Walk – Sat May 2nd 09


2820_76621414060_585214060_1587843_1817065_nMembers of the Free National Movement took to the streets this morning in a sunrise fun run walk to mark the May 2nd, 2007 election victory of the party.

Bahamas Press also observed the early morning risers and asked the question we knew would come, “Where the supporters were?” There were 10 youths and about 15 women just above the number of MPs sitting in the Parliament.

If this is any indication of the things to come, the FNM must accept the turnout this morning confirrms a failing grade of their performance in the country.


  1. I wonder what makes HAI tick?After his Govt was exposed for doing nothing he tries to duck out by giving a very beautiful speech in Parliament.His diehard supporters came alive and sang his praise but where was he during these many months when the matter was discussed here?Now he tries to wiggle out by pretending he knows what is going on.Didn,t his House colleagues try to block the select committee?HAI you have to come better than that as Bahamians on the whole are no fools and will remember your silence until Glennys put fire under your feet.Aint long now before Bahamians determine who is fit to lead them.

  2. Hi ronica7 this is no time to leave the PLP it is time to now join,with what happening is our land.HAI is not a lier he’s just a stranger to the truth,GOD help our country.

  3. Good to hear from you connie. My friend dibbles, i never left the plp. Connie you still believe anything the prime minister says.

    Always expect the opposite, to anything they say, as Fred Mitchell usually say, they “never let the truth interfere with a good story”

  4. Did not the PM say that the Bahamas was not going to be named in the tax havens or something like that so it surprised me this morning reading the huffingtonpost.com to read the following: “The president’s proposal would eliminate some tax deductions for companies that earn profits in countries with low tax rates, as well as consider U.S. citizens who use tax havens in the Bahamas or Cayman Islands guilty of violating U.S. tax laws. If Obama wins congressional approval for the changes _ and he faces a challenge on Capitol Hill _ it could deliver $210 billion in tax revenue over the next decade.” Whats up with that?

  5. No celebration last year now this year cant even get persons to walk.The message is clear HAI has pissed off just about everyone.Notice the look of defeat on his face?HAI is so out of touch he still tries to use oldtime policies of victimization to control things.HAI days are numbered and he knows it.The man gone crazy by firing his ardent supporters in the Immigration,Customs Police and other Ministries.check out the manner in which he did it,disgusting and disgraceful.Now no one wants to even walk with the man and he is in power.

  6. @Queen Bee Queen b I could not agree with you more in the words of the fnm we need extra powered binoculars to find something in this country to smile about from the mona-v scandal it has been on lousy excuse after another,they haven’t gat a clue vargo up until february was still telling people things een that bad but now they giving away all of our tax dollars to people on unemployment.this never had to happen but they never made an effort to try come to a common solution with th major companies that fired so many people,they borrowing money and fixing road in nassau while young and old ladies selling acki and cod fish on the side of the road in freeport in the words of ancient man take your red shirt and if i never ever see your lousy government again it will be to soon nothing but lying suckers.any how they are only waiting on time they know this one sell off.

  7. @ronica7
    Ronica7 how things are looking we would have to change that saying and now say as PLP’S We would turn back,back to the PLP.Some time in life we have to turn back and this is one of those time .So to my new friend Ronica7 join in with me and say back back to the PLP we will go.

  8. Looking back is never a good thing. Ask lot’s wife. I warned all my fellow fnm’s many of whom (I never thought i would see the day) are cussing “Hubert” and the fnm.

    “No turning back”, as “Christie said, was about economics,
    not race.

  9. @Queen Bee
    You are right. Bahamians are sadly misinformed when it comes to the issues. It is always hearsay. And somehow it is easier lto listen to this than to find out the facts for yourself. No one listened when I told them what an FNM government would mean for the people and for the country. Look at them now. I feel no pity nor remorse, because my I am abundantly blessed. But there is a lesson in everything. Maybe next time they will think twice before being moved by the bull**** and the propaganda. Because unfortunately it has proven to many people to be the difference between being able to pay bills, provide for self and family, take vacations, and all of the nice things we like to enjoy.

  10. @Drama King
    Drama King, I agree with you that there is nothing for these fellas to smile about, or anyone of us….not with the performance so far of this crew. that is why it is sooooo important for us as Bahamians, to speak to the issues, and vote based on that, because at the end of the day, the money, the music and the hype gone and what you left with????? A BUNCH OF SUCKERS!!!!

  11. @Tristan
    I think I knew it was going to happen. I didn’t know that the global economy would suffer though. Soon after the election people were losing their jobs all over because they were known PLP affiliates. The whole BahaMar deal was brought to a halt. Everyone knows Sol Kerzner wanted an end brought to other major investment deals in the hotel industry. Other PLP projects were slammed and discarded simply because they had the PLP stamp. In my opinion HAI hated that Christie’s programs might have had merit. Nevertheless, it affected us. One by one millions of dollars in projects were stopped. Don’t you think that it made things worse? The Ingraham adminstriation because of its spitefulness made our economy far worse than it would have been. It’s funny, you can’t undo things that have already been done. HAI is the worse kind of man. He somehow managed to get the people to trust him. Sadly the only people that are in a better position than they were two years ago, were probably always in that position. And more and more of the average Bahamians are getting closer to or falling below the poverty line. Shame on you Mr Ingraham!

  12. lol. I would have never thought that I would see the day that persons would write against the FNM party. There was a time when people would slaughter the PLP in posts now I really believe that people are confessing that there was a mistake made in May 207 when we brought back someone who had no desire to return to be Prime Minister of This country. We played games with our future and we have to pay for it.

  13. The last I heard from Joe Blow he was telling somebody he was going to Canada. He must be still there, because I have not heard from him in a while.

  14. My my my how things change.Poor PM is standing wringing his hands in frustation while Tommys sister is looking bewildered.Poor Carl is already half dressed but where is Loretta?aand Kenyatta who I cant wait to see in a red shirt.Where are you Joe Blow?Right now the Govt is losing by default but check Perry Christie who gave the Govt a passing mark of C.?Methinks Christie misspoke because the Govt has failed because of spitefulness.Nice guys finish last PC.Why everybody crying?Because HAI come back.

  15. I’m not surprised JR. The people are discouraged. They are realizing more and more everyday that they were suckered. I say good! All the things the PLP were accused of, surely it wasn’t as bad as this. I would be ashamed to show my face in a red FNM shirt! But that is fine….The SUN will come out soon soon……send them red faced devils straight to HELL!

  16. JR no one is into Ingraham and his band of Yes-Men anymore. They were too brazen to have a public walkathon in the first place. Can you imagine the JEERING when they walked through certain neighbourhoods.

  17. Media, I have to ask you a direct and serious question. No fun and jokes now, serious thing. Were you genuinely surprised by what you saw this morning in the turn out? I know you know the reason why and I am sure you could have predicted this would happen but I want your humble honest opinion. Were you the least bit surprised? Please share your personal feelings on this one because I’m wondering if I’m all alone in being surprised by this. 15 people and some kids? Well Mudda sick!

  18. Some of them MP’s in that picture don’t even look like they want wear them shirts! Did the PM join them for the walk or did he throw them to the wolves by themselves as usual?

  19. These girls are so brave to be dressed in their official FNM red. If I were a girl they would have to pull gun on me for me to walk to celebrate an FNM victory anniversary. Nothing to smile’bout!!