House burns to the ground before fire trucks arrive


dscf9521Bahamas Press was on the scene of a blaze before firefighters arrived at the scene of this Claridge Road home.

The home was engulf in flames. and was completely destroyed before help arrived.

Neighbours looked on and wondered to themselves when will the trucks arrive. Once again a family is out of a home on New Providence tonight.


  1. @Altec
    I don’t know how to respond to that. I guess anything is possible. But I know how slow and lazy the police and firefighters are, so I find it hard to think positively in this regard. I have more than one personal experience when I have had to call the police. Would you believe I live two minutes away from the police station? TWO MINUTES! Ask me how long it took them to get to my house. Anyways, someone lost their home. Maybe we need to ensure that signs are put in place. I think also that police and firefighters should be familiar with their respective work region.

  2. Trinity i passed this fire today and what ran across my mind was in Nassau its hard to find a house if you dont get GREAT directions. this home was partly behind another building and on the side of it was some sort of construction type property with materials in the yard but the plumage of black smoke was pretty visable from a distance.

    I would say over 70% of the homes in NP doesnt have a house number and there are so many streets that dont have a street sign. the fire department and police do take long but sometimes they take long cause they cant find the house. One of the many promises of this FNM government made was the numbering of houses throughout the bahamas but nothing to this point has materialized.

    If they cant keep the red lights in Nassau functioning then expecting them to implement the house numbering promise maybe expecting too much.

  3. You know, this is a disgrace. My goodness, Nassau is only so big, it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. Heaven knows the sirens are running even if they have nowhere to go. What will it take for these people to take their jobs seriously? Suppose someone had died. This is becoming a trend. The police and firefighters need to realize that their response times make the difference between life and death. Lord help us…